Thursday, February 12, 2009

bah, humbug

the internet here at the old homestead was down most of the day, due to the weather, I suppose. We got plenty of the white stuff, and MM and I were out at the crack of noon shoveling and plowing it up so that more could fall tonight and make the driveway white again. We need the moisture, so whatever.
As a consequence I didn't do the Thursday 13 that I had thought of. But I have it stored away in my head for next week. (lets hope I can remember it).
On the fun side, we've decided to put some hardwood flooring in the house with our tax money. I am super excited to get rid of the carpet. I hate the carpet we have currently. The floor guy is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate. YES we could lay the floor ourselves. NO we are not going to lay the floor ourselves. I want it to be completed sometime in the next century. And with both of us working full time and having a life, that just would not happen.
I will put up pictures, I promise.
We are wondering what to do in the bathrooms, though. Our initial thought was to put either the hardwood, or even bamboo in, but in talking with the guy today, there is a risk of water damage to the nice pretty wood if we do so.....


Mary said...

We have hardwood in one of our bathrooms, and when the wax ring on the toilet broke it was ruined. For a bathroom, I'd go ceramic tile all the way.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new flooring. I wouldn't want to do it myself either.

sybil law said...

Oooh! Hardwood! That's awesome - and exciting!
You can put it in bathrooms, but you might want to use a marine grade sealant. What kind are you guys thinking of laying?! Tell me!!!

Bubblewench said...

I totally want hardwood, but Scott says that his feet would be too cold.