Monday, February 9, 2009

snowy white

We got more snow again last night, thankfully not a huge, whole "Oh my god it snowed" truckload, just enough to make the world pretty around us. And COLD.
But as I look out at all the cold white prettiness this morning my thoughts are actually pretty far away, in a place that is not enjoying its very hot summer.
Where it is hot, and too many things are burning down.
Now, a lot of California was on fire this summer, but no where near the magnitude of the brush fires they are having to deal with. I am going to guess the next few months are going to be absolute bitter hell out there, especially for the firefighters. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.
So, while yeah, I will be enjoying the pretty snow, I wish I could send the whole lot of it somewhere else, to help dampen things.


Anonymous said...

I saw the news coverage on that fire - it looks awful. I hope they can get it under control soon.

sybil law said...

Oh hell yes- the fires are freaking nuts there.
Enjoy your pretty snow for a while!

Daryl said...

Its absolutely horrific what is happening in Australia .. it was equally horrific when CA suffered the same conditions ... makes me VERY happy I live in a city .. a target for terrorists according to our 'esteemed' former hyperbole driven VP who seems to like dispensing nasty even from retirement tho doesnt it seem we've seen him more NOW than in the last 8 yrs? Yeah, to me too. How I segued from fire to brimstone is odd ... ;-D

Mary said...

I feel awful for all the people in Australia. It's horrible that on top of all the heat and natural fires, people are setting more fires as well.

We've finally warmed up here, and the snow is quickly disappearing, but I'd be happy to send my slush along with your snow.