Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time for another.... Thursday Thirteen

As always, go Here to enjoy the other people playing....

This one, however, is a real Eye Opener

13 Ways I like my Coffee
1. With lots of cream
2. Irish Coffee
3. With whipped cream on top, and chocolate shavings...
4. With my home made kahlua added in
5. Coffee Nips
6. Iced coffee
7. Dark chocolate dipped coffee beans
8. Coffee Ice Cream
9. Rarely- but a nice espresso
10. French Pressed
11. With Cardamom
12. Just the smell of it
13. Dipping biscotti in it

The irony is. I don't really drink coffee on a regular basis. Sometimes at work, and at home, if I am really cold, or if I've made some kahlua. Otherwise... not so much.
Happy Thursday!


Jo Beaufoix said...

So coffee nips, what are they?
I like latte. I don't drink coffee at home, but when I'm out I love a latte.

Darla said...

Yum. Coffee. I'm like you--I don't drink it all the time, but I do love it. Especially now that it's getting colder, a nice Irish coffee or just coffee with Bailey's or amaretto stirred in really hits the spot.

Daryl said...

Yum .. now try letting an Original Werther's melt in your mouth whilst sipping hot coffee.. lovely\


sybil law said...

I like coffee with some kind of liquor goodness - otherwise, hold the coffee!
Amaretto and lots of whipped cream, with cherries. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

holly said...

apparently my friend likes to suck it up through a chocolate biscuit. i just do NOT wanna go there with what comes after that...