Monday, September 1, 2008

before and after

With all the work we've done around the house in the last week or so, I finally, FINALLY did something about the kitchen. To jog your memory, this is what I was left with when we moved in

Please note here the ugly curtains. You might not see them too well, but they were horrid. If any of you like, and/or have these in your kitchen? I am sorry for calling your curtains horrid, and you need to get your eyes checked. And possibly your level of taste. Ahem.

Moving on. Beige flowered tiles. Oh, My, Bob. Why? why why why why why? Flowers DO NOT come up from this earth BEIGE! WRONG! (and no, Holly, these are not gerber daisies. Gerber daisies are beautiful, and NOT BEIGE DAMNIT!)

so, we've been here since mid June. We've done many things, like, oh, Unpack. And hang Daryl's photographs on the wall. And unpack more. But, people are coming, THIS SATURDAY. Over 50 of them. (my mind just hurts when I consider that). And there was no way I wanted them to see Beige flowers and ugly ugly curtains.
So, I fixed it.

This then, is the after.

Better, yes?
Now, if I can just keep the house clean until after they leave......


Jo Beaufoix said...

Much, much better. I like the blue.

Daryl said...

Oh. MY. Bob. MUCH MUCH MUCH ... MUCH better

Those flowers werent even real flowers, they were 1950 artist sketch of a flower ..

Love the whole blue beige brown its warm and inviting ... wanna come re-do my kitchen? There are kitchy airport gift shop tiles on top of the white tiles because Husband and his friend who helped him forgot I wanted the kitchy tiles intermixed with the white ones ... oy AND vey

Actually my whole apartment is in desparate need of painting .. re-doing ..

Please come help



mielikki said...

Jo, thanks. I really like the blue, too. I picked it to match those cobalt blue glass bottles in the window sill.

Daryl- I would love to come play in NYC with you. I bet we could find such fun stuff! What I ended up doing was painting over those nasty flowers. Sybil told me how to do it. I am very pleased with the result, and we seem to have a blue/sand theme going throughout the house. I like it. It's very calming.

sybil law said...

Great job!!!!
It is SO much better.
So the painting worked well, huh? Did it take long?!
I am so glad you posted pictures!!

holly said...

gorgeous. it's just the kind of place i could really give a good trashing after five drinks.

but then i'd help you clean it up.


no, really.

mielikki said...

Syb- No, not real long. What took me longer is that I free handed and cut in the edges without tape, because when I did it with tape it pulled the paint off. Which pissed me off. It gives the kitchen some personality, I think.

Holly. I would not make you help me clean it up, since I would have been the one that invited you over for drinks. If you lived here, that would be another matter entirely.

Mimi said...

Better indeed!

NanaKaos said...

It look great girl,it doesn't always take a lot to make a big difference.
We just redid the stripy bathroom (pillow ticking and sunflowers how could you forget)I stupidly put it in 10 years ago, DK choose the paper and it was his bathroom.(Do you know how much work goes into removing wallpaper? Four days worth of scaring and pulling off paper.)
Now it is a serene desert green, with tan towels and rugs, and beautiful photos from the Windows National Park, just outside of Moab,Utah, in black frames.
It is a wonderful soothing place to poop.
Next is the bathroom upstairs, we never did anything to it so it is time. I'm just doing easy stuff until the house sells. If it doesn't (bite your tongue) it is already done.
Keep up the good fight, sorry we can't be there next Sunday, try to make Uncle B be good, it may get noisy.

Bubblewench said...

MUCH better