Tuesday, September 2, 2008

pigskin is in the air

Yes, my bloggy friends, it is that time of year, again.
That time of year where my Sundays are spent in front of the idiot box, and I am frequently known to yell like an idiot at said box.
Because, you see, they hear me.
Yes they do.
It's football time.
And those players, they hear what I am yelling at them.
I was raised watching football, I think I was watching football even when I was in utero. Football is part of my blood. It's my favorite sport to watch, and even, upon occasion, to play. I do love football. And for you bloggy friends across the pond, I also happen to enjoy soccer. Especially when my oldest nephew is playing.
Football means it is also time for the all important football pool. The one that half my family participates in.
And the bragging rights that go with winning, week after week.
This year, Mustang Man is entering the fray of the pool. He played unofficially last year, and, he kicked some serious football arse.
I hope he does the same this year. However. Maybe this year will be my year to kick some football arse.
So if things are rather quiet on Sundays, both here, and on twitter, it's because my eyes are on the game.


sybil law said...

I hear ya.

Daryl said...

Husband is also a football fanatic .. he watches college games on Saturday, pro games on Sunday and Monday nite and I think there's a kindergarden league he watches as well ... the man is a Giant fan .. and a sometime Jet fan .. hates Washington, Philly and Dallas ...

Me? I have been heard to say: meh


Bubblewench said...


holly said...

that is when my *best* shopping is done. i thought this game was long, but it has nothing on cricket. a girl can do a whole *pile* of shopping while the cricket is on...