Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celtic mayhem

This weekend, Mustang Man, Mustang Girl and I attended the Celtic Festival that is held every year at our local fair grounds. You may recall, we went last year, that's when we tried Canned Haggis, and MM gave my my 'big rock'. This year, we could not find the canned Haggis booth. (what a shame, right?).
One of the nice things about the Celtic Festival, usually, is the music. I love all kinds of music, but good Celtic music is one of my favorites. For example, The Chieftains. They've been performing together since the 1960's, and are known world wide for their musical talents. They are getting older, and their harp player, Derek Bell, has passed away already, and is missed. Looking over at my Treasurelicious account, you will also find the Wicked Tinkers.. They are a more recent band, with bagpipes and drums, but not the 'traditional' stuff you'd expect. They've actually come to our Celtic Festival, I've seen them live, they are fantastic.
This year, the big name draws were Solas and Cathie Ryan. While I like the music by both of these people/groups, both MM and I have not been feeling well, so it was a miracle we even made it to the Celtic Festival, we did not stay for the evening concerts.
What we DID get to hear, though, was some freak who decided he was a Celtic Rapper. He nearly drove me out of my gourd. And everyone else, too. I think his first song lasted for 10 minutes, and every other minute or so, he would announce "I'm a Celt". Over and over.
And he had this 'song', for lack of a better word, comparing Palestine and Israel to Ireland, when it was under the rule of Longshanks. Seriously? yes he did. And the 'song' that broke this camels back? The one he was singing about getting his first kilt. In 2004. We, at that point, were searching for the exit. Or a crossbow. Whichever I could find first....


Bubblewench said...

needs a good boot to the head -see if you can find Ceann.. they are pretty awesome.

sybil law said...

Leave it to the youngins to ruin a good thing.
Even though bagpipes make me crazy.

Mimi said...

I got a catalogue that had vegetarian haggis, I can't even contemplate what would be in that.

holly said...

i like the wicked tinkers. i think i looked them up last time you talked about them. i should amazon myself a cd.