Monday, September 22, 2008

Timber! (and I don't mean shiver me, either)

I have learned that there is another noise I don't like. The sound of trees falling. Especially on our property.

My brother in law, sister and the kids came over this weekend. Bearing, among other things, 2 chainsaws, a maul, an elk skull, and 2 sets of antlers.
(NO, I am not putting an elk rack up in my house. I don't know WHERE I am going to put it. But it won't be in the house).
They came over, not to inundate me with dead animals, but to help us.
We had numerous dead trees on our property. (HAD).
They could have been dangerous, falling under any weight of winter snow or wind or anything else. The tree's, maybe 6 or 8 in total, needed to come down. They will be good firewood for us, keeping us warm in the winter.
But the noise of them coming down. The sounds of wood, cracking, crumbling. The tree, falling to the earth, reaching out for it's friends as it falls down, scraping some of its neighbors, taking a few of the tiny saplings down with it. The thud as it hits the earth. Shaking. It was dead, and now, it's down.
Then, the whine of the chainsaws, dismembering it, so that it will be small enough to feed our fireplace. What was once a beautiful, living pine (or Cedar) is now cannibalized, lying on the ground, waiting for us to pick up the pieces, and put it with it's dead brethren.
It had to be done, but I am so glad it's over.


CamiKaos said...

that sound was horrible, but think how calming the gentle cracks and pops will be this winter as they warm your home...

glad it's over.

Daryl said...

Glad its over and you've got lots of firewood for the coming season .. may I suggest you hang the antlers over the garage entrance?


holly said...

i'm sorry you lost a tree. i'm glad you gain winter warmth.

i am going to catch up on sss and fm! i am i am!

sybil law said...

That sound would've driven me and the extra company right to the movies, or somewhere!
But it's better to get them down now, as you said.

MM said...

There are still 3 massive ones that need to come down. Just need to get someone with insurance to bring them down.

I helped him and there's really nothing like a day of good hard labor to make you feel like you've accomplished something. Working with computers, I tend to forget that.

mielikki said...

mm- yeah, you put in a hard days labor Sunday, and I could tell you were enjoying yourself, and that makes me happy. The noise of it, though.....
Syb- taking my sisters little ones to the movies is a difficult thing. Plus, them being boys, they wanted to watch the falling trees, of course.
Holls- thanks! I am looking forward to the winter warmth.
Daryl- um. Not sure where I am going to put the antlers. Just not in my house.
Cami- I can't wait to light that first fire...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh you wrote that so beautifully. Better in your hearth than on your head though lovely Mie.