Monday, March 31, 2008


Yesterday, I found myself doing something I did not expect.
But lets start this story from the beginning, shall we?
Last week, at work, I was in charge of the telemetry floor. There was a nurse up there I have not met yet, a newly graduated one. He was talking almost non stop about the new Jeeps that came out. And how he was going to get a black one.
Now, I do like Jeeps.
I have had Jeep envy for years, actually. I know quite a few people with Jeeps. MM has a Jeep Liberty. I drove it a few days when I first started staying here. It was fun.
So, back to the nurse. Talking Jeeps. Eventually, I went onto the Jeep website to see what all the hoopla was about. Looking at them, I felt a tiny thrill. "Those are kind of cool" I thought to myself. 4 door, and the top comes off, in sections. One over the driver, one over the passenger, or one over the back seat area. You can have them all off, or just one. The interior is pretty nice.
On the website, it lets you "build" one. So I did. They had some really nice colors. The one I chose is the one you see up there. "Red Rock". Nice, right?
Sighing wistfully, I closed the screen. The newby nurse asked me later "So when you going to go get your Jeep?" I laughed, and said, probably never.
You see. Veruca Salt, my Saturn Vue? She's paid off. She's all mine. And though I had been thinking she was acting a little gutless lately, and was in need of a tune up, I had no real reason to replace her.
Fast forward to this weekend. Sunday. MM, Mustang Girl and I went to lunch. Then MM started talking to MG about colors for the mustang. (He spent Sat. working on it). He, for some reason, wanted to go to a Jeep dealership, to look at their colors, and perhaps get some color swatches if they had any. So, away we went. I had told him about my "build a jeep" experience at work. Walking around the lot, we looked around, and inside. A smarmy salesman came up to us. And started leading us towards an ugly green Jeep. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.
The Red Rock one.
Just like I built it.
So I had to go see, right? Right?
So I did. And smart smarmy salesman followed me, and opened it up. And had me get in. Then asked me those magic words
"Do you want to drive it?"
of course I want to drive it. Was he high?
MM is just shaking his head. Syd is saying quietly here we go again)
she has been through this with her father. Poor Kid.
3 hours later, I drove away in that Red Rock Jeep.
I now have a car payment.
And I traded in Veruca.
Yes, I did. But this Jeep. Its so PRETTY.
It is Veruca kicked up at least 10 notches.
It is fun to drive
and it is now mine. (Mine, and a credit agency's)

Now, the fun part for all of you come in.
The car HAS to have a name. She cannot be "Veruca 2".
This is where the rest of you come in.
Name the car, win a prize. I don't know what yet, I will think of something good.
The judge will be me. (and Mustang Girl)
And it is a "she".
Let your imaginations go wild!


Anonymous said...

As a former Jeep owner ( 2 to be exact ) you will love it. But don't name it. Just don't. You'll enjoy other Jeep drivers waving to you as you make your way around town.


mielikki said...


I always name my cars. I have since I had a car, it is a family tradition, and good luck for the car. So, it must be named...

MM said...

Well I'm kind of partial to Frank, or Luther... I don't know why Luther. How about Waldo? Waldo the convertible Jeep. Or seeing as how it's Red Rock, how about Rocky? Maybe Roxanne or Roxie for short?

I just call mine the Jeep. :)

CamiKaos said...


I think I will ask K when she gets home and let her enter if that's okay... she is really excellent at naming things.

I love Jeeps... love. them.

But I suspect you know that.

mielikki said...

by all means, Cami, ley K enter!

MM! it is a girl! Waldo is not good...

holly said...

ruby! the car spoke to me and told me its name was ruby. it said it very nicely, and said it will give you years of love and respect, as long as you call it by its proper name. otherwise there are no guarantees. obviously, *i* said 'well, if i *say* that, she'll think i'm being pushy!' so she said 'listen, just do this thing for me, please.' she said it very sweetly, so there you have it.

mielikki said...

my middle sisters Mother in Law, is a very unhappy in life person. Her name? Ruby. I like the name. But I just can't do it. No matter how hard the car begs. I can't....

CamiKaos said...

K says:



Weebo (which is the name of the female flying robot assistant in Flubber)

CamiKaos said...

oh and she also wants to throw in Herbie...

Rachel said...

I think that Roxie Hart is a great name for this fabulous Jeep.

My friend always takes the letters from her license plate and uses those. Her last one was a Toyota Carolla named Admiral Finn Rollington.

You could name it after your favorite female movie character. James Bond movie characters would be awesome too.

Good luck with the naming.

Bubblewench said...


I hate jeeps. Yes, they drive nice and are pretty, but a Jeep liberty attacked me and permenantly damaged my hand. I wince when I hear the word Jeep now. So sad.

I like YOUR jeep though, just like how I like your Dolphins jersey.. cause it's YOU....

julie said...

Your Jeep's name is Diana. Rugged with a touch of hidden elegance.

And I name everything, too. My current car is Brenda -- responsible and simple.

Daryl E said...

I like Nelly Belle .. that was Pat Butler's jeep on the Roy Roger's show

David in DC said...

I think Pikachu is a pretty good name, but that's probably because I watch too much Pokemon.

Mimi said...

Enjoy! Um, how about Jenna?

I drive Wolfgang, did I tell you that before?

My expressions LIVE said...
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My expressions LIVE said...

Ok I like "Ginger"

mielikki said...

there are so many good names in here. I am going to put them all in a hat, and let Mustang Girl draw one of them!

Jo Beaufoix said...


The Scarlet Harlot

Marjorie Dorr


mielikki said...

The scarlet Harlot!
I love it beyond belief, and no matter what "name" she gets, it is going to be followed by that title. We are picking tonight. But you so win a prize for that one.
e mail me your address, for that is worthy if I ever saw it. I just woke up a napping teenager with my laughter.

holly said...

i frickin' frackin' love the scarlet harlot. jo soooo rocks.