Monday, March 24, 2008

appliances, toothbrushes and toasted peeps

I am still, location wise, enjoying the quiet of chez MM, on the outskirts of Nirvana city. Last time I was at my apartment, the downstairs Loud was playing Bobby Brown loud enough to vibrate my floor. I kid you not. Bobby Brown. I was *this close* to turning on the Wicked Tinkers (bagpipes) at a high decibal, and leaving on, all weekend long, for her enjoyment. But I didn't, because she is spiteful.
Since I have been here a week now, the things that I can't seem to live without have followed me over. Whenever I go to my apartment, I usually come back with something.
Toothbrush, naturally. I mean, I gotta have it. It is an essential.
The funniest things, though, are my cooking appliances.
I can't seem to get along without them. To date, I have brought over my rice cooker, my George Foreman Grill, my Waffle Iron, my Slow Cooker, and my brand new blender. Hell, we almost brought over my little grill (Peter Parker) this weekend. I don't think I have an appliance that ISN'T here now. Its the standing house joke. But. I am used to having these things at my disposal. And the MM house kitchen? Much bigger and roomier than mine. That has been wonderful. Today, when I go back into Podunk, to gather some uniforms for work (prepare to have your closet breached, MM.) I will look at my poor little neglected kitchen, and sigh....
As far as the peeps go..
did you know when you impale them on a stick and hold them over a fire, they caramelize, nicely? That is until they blacken, then fall off the stick to their gooey, fire-y death.
We celebrated Easter with some nearby friends, over at Clancy's house. A good time was had. A few Guinness (from a bottle, with a rocket widget). Eggs were eaten, Elk was bbq'd (yes really) along with brats, and tri-tip and a piece of tofu that looked like a sponge. (One vegetarian amongst our group of carnivores). Kids ran amok hopped up on sugar and plastic eggs, until the Post Easter Sugar Crash of 08 hit. Then we all wandered back and eventually, slept like the dead...


Anonymous said...

So does Elk taste like chicken?

I never thought about roasting peeps. I'll pick those up today at the discount aisle at Walgreen's and give that a shot.


Marcus said...

Life just isn't life without a rice cooker.

Oh, and elk tastes like elk, kinda like wild cow. I should get some out of the freezer for dinner tonight.

Daryl E said...

Sounds perfect to me .. tho the tofu which I prefer to flesh.. that I think I would not have liked spongy .. OTOH I could have eaten all the sweets and been happy til the zits popped.. TMI? What a surprise!

holly said...

i am 37 years peepless.

isn't bobby brown like early 90's? wtf? crank those bagpipes!!!

Bubblewench said...

roasted peeps... YUM!

Gotta love the Bobby Brown! Oh yeah...