Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have this idea.
It may be wildly UN popular with some. But since when has that stopped me from thinking it out loud?

When it comes to cars, and colors for them, I think the worst color EVER is that bright yellow. It doesn't look right. (If any of you drive bright yellow cars, I am sorry. But its true.). That color of yellow only belongs on Taxi Cabs.
But I digress.

I think, that certain people should HAVE to drive bright yellow cars. People who have had too many traffic violations. If they get X amount of violations, then, BAM! Penalty? Paint your car bright yellow.
That way we'd all know who they were.
And, I think that the elderly, past the age of oh, 70?
Yellow cars.
Now I LOVE the older population. I do. Their stories about 'their day', ect. I expect to be one of them myself. But I know, and have seen evidence of, their slowed reactions, their blindness, with, and without glasses. Their dirty glasses. Their deafness. Their penchant for getting forgetful as the sun goes down. I am not saying every single person 70 and older are bad drivers, per se. But, percentage wise? Yup.
Maybe, they would take a drivers test at 70. And if they didn't perform well, THEN they'd get the yellow car. The plan is imperfect in my head yet. But I am working on it.

Mustang Girl is still percolating in her head on what she would want to blog about. She already has blogger block. LOL. But, hopefully before she goes home I will have her back on the blog. She is helping me with my Saturday Short Story. She has a great imagination.


Mimi said...

I've never seen the appeal of yellow cars either.

CamiKaos said...

does she have springbreak a week earlier than we do?

Daryl E said...

Can you imagine how many YELLOW cars there's be in FLORIDA? Scary.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yellow cars just make me think of canaries. They're so tack. I think the idea is good, especially for the gits who keep getting traffic violations and don't care.

holly said...

well *i* think the seniors should get special colored cars, and also it should be unlawful for them to be at either the post office or bank at lunch time. there, i've said it.

okay, actually unlawful to be anywhere *i* have to be during my short lunch hour.

yes, when i am dictator, that will be how it is. except then i won't have to wait in line. but i'll remember the rest of you. unless you are part of my evil team of tyranny. i mean happy team. HAPPY team. i should go now.