Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Hey. Guess what. It's Thursday. Has been for about an hour, now. Yes I am at work. Trying not to watch the clock. Things may get busy here in a moment, but I am going to try to bust out a post before that occurs.
I love museums. I think I have said that before. Love staring at good art, painting, sculpture, usually any kind of art. I will admit that there are some things I don't consider my kind of artwork (cough Picasso cough) but some people really like it, and, to each their own.
So I was web surfing earlier yesterday, and came across some different kinds of museums. Some I'd love to see. Others, not so much.
One I would surely love to visit is the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments. Unfortunately, it is in Prague, in the Czech Republic. I doubt I will be getting there any time, soon. There are over 60 torture devices located there, and a useful tutorial on how to operate each machine. (no, MM, you should not be scared. Really. Okay maybe a little. No, really not.) Admission is a measly 12 dollars. I think that would be a 12 dollars well spent. Co-incedentally, I am making an extra whopping 12 dollars tonight for being charge nurse. See? I could go.
Another place I may want to see some time is the Museum of Bad Art. I wouldn't have to go so far, just to Boston. Been there, Syb or Holly? It is a free museum, and boasts to have a permanent exhibit of the most offensive attempts at art. Could be interesting.
Then, there are the sex museums. We had my mom all set to go into one while we were in NY city. I was thrilled she agreed to go in. Alas, the morning we had allotted to go in, the damn thing was closed. I have a GREAT picture of her flipping me off in front of it though. They also have sex museums in Amsterdam, Paris, and, of all places, Iceland. I didn't see the Parisian one. But I was too busy in the Louvre and the Musee Orsay to worry about sex. The one in Amsterdam is the oldest one, half a million tourists a year go there. The one in Iceland is mainly dedicated to phallic symbols, I read.
In Philadelphia there is a museum I am BOUND to visit. (Look out BW, I am headed your way.) Its called the Mutter Museum. It has some 20,000 objects that showcase human health anamolies. Hell yeah. I am a nurse, people. Just try to stop me. They even have President Clevelands cancerous jaw growth. Awesome. They also have a skeleton of a woman who was a long time wearer of a corset. Not to be missed, I tell you. Gonna go in with me, BW?
One place I will certainly skip is the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, in New Delhi, India. The las thing I want to see are a bunch of toilets. In India. Taj Mahal? Yes. Toilet collection? Not so much.
Another one on my must miss list is the Vent Haven Museum, in Kentucky. It is full of ventriloquist dummies. Scaaaaaarrrrrry. I would have nightmares for weeks after that. I saw a bit of that movie, Magic, I think it was called, when I was a kid. Don't like the scary dummies. Plus, my luck, they'd have that old broad Madame there. (You people remember her, right?). I would never sleep again.
So, there you go. My Thursday rambling.


Bubblewench said...

Wow! I love museums too. Some of these are really cool. Being all nursey.. try to look up the Museum of Holography in NYC. It's mostly medical holograms. It was the coolest museum I have ever been to.

The Mutter.. have friends that have been there. Dying to go myself. Get your butt over here and let's go! You can stay with us. We have room. Hope you don't mind a couch though.

I think we should pool our resources and figure out how to get here: Museum of Medieval Torture. I wanna go!

Getting to two Philadelphia museums next week... Remember me & you - joint posting - Next Friday! WOO HOO!

Anonymous said...

There's a sewing machine museum in Arlington, Texas, does that sound ... never mind.


My expressions LIVE said...

Hmmm maybe I should go to some of these with you....:)

Daryl E said...

I had no idea there was a Sex Museum in NY .. are you sure it wasnt just 42nd St btwn Times Sq and 8th Ave? And if so it wasnt closed, no, it was Disneyfied..

mielikki said...

Daryl e- yeah, we were right in front of it last year. But they may well have closed it.

MEL- you are in a long line of volunteers to go, and Mustang Man, and Mustang girl are already packing their bags :). They like those kinds of museums like I do.

Edge- I cannot sew to save my life. That museum would just taunt me.

BW- awesome. I will be there, at some point. And going to the Czech Republic might be an interesting trip

Daryl E said...

I am passing an award onto you so come on over to my place and get it

sybil law said...

I do not rememeber that museum in Boston! Cause I would've been there fo sho.
I am close enough to Bubbles (haha nice nickname) for us to all go to the crazy museum! That sounds awesome - I love the macabre.
Anyway, we just went to the Art Museum here, today. Gilda was offended by so many paintings with boobs. Weird, how you tell your kid to cover up and be a "lady" and then take them to a museum and there's body parts all over the place! At home, we are naked and it's no big deal. Out in public, we teach her to have respect that most people don't want to see her naked. And nipples on display at the museum has got to be confusing for her.

holly said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE museums. haven't been to the boston one. went to the salvadore dali exhibition at the montmartre in paris, and, of course, the louvre. been to the tate. and now i'm just museum-name-dropping. i'll stop.

a toilet collection? yes, it's a very fine line between a museum and 'sandford and son'...