Monday, March 3, 2008


This weekend, MM and I were out and about in the glorious weather we are currently enjoying, and in our travels we ventured into the lovely, nearby Target. Yes, I am a Target girl. Here in podunk, we have, nearby, a Target or a K Mart. You do the math.
Anyhow. Target. Lots of stuff at Target. I like getting their cleaning stuff (its cheaper), and I usually get all my cat related necessities there, as well.
This is where the fun comes in. There is this brand of cat toy that my cats ADORE. They are called Fat Cat toys. I can usually find them at my local grocery store, and at the afore mentioned Target. They had a new toy out, this mouse looking thing with a 15 inch tail. For dangling fun. I bought two of them. (Jack is a selfish beast who usually will not share.). They have catnip in them. My three do not usually go wild on the nip, so it didn't make a difference to me.
Surprisingly, Angus went nuts for these toys. Saturday night he loved them up, frolicked with them, chewed on them, wore them both on his back for awhile, and basically caused a huge amount of kitty silliness. With BOTH of them. Those are HIS toys. Then he went banana's and started running around like a crazy, heroine injecting cat. He eventually crashed.
After the laughter, this led MM and I to question whether or not we would wake up to find a hung over cat the next morning. Do animals feel hangovers? I would think so. Maybe not from the nip, but if we gave them hootch. Yep, I would guess so. AND NO I AM NOT SUGGESTING WE ALL GET OUR CATS DRUNK TONIGHT....
Angus was his usual self the nest day. And those toys? Still his. For once, Jack didn't have a chance.


Bubblewench said...

ba ha ha ha! That's funny.. you do know that different cats react to different kinds of nip. Hartz put some out, only one of our cats will touch it, the rest could care less. Now bring in some Cosmo Kittie stuff and ALL the cats go nuts, but go for the natural stuff (can't think of name right now), only 2 of them go for it..

And I believe they do have hangovers, they just sleep it off and pretend it was a longer nap like "yeah, I meant to sleep 2 extra hours - it wasn't the nip!"

I have to keep the cosmic kittie stuff in a drawer that sticks and you have to pull to open, other wise, i'd come home and they'll have eaten the whole thing, plastic tub and all. Yes, it has happened.

holly said...

the thing about cats (and i'm reaching here because i neither know about or even really like cats. i will maintain that stance until they stop making that hissing sound at me. and no, i did NOTHING but sit on my grandma's knee and look after my principal's house. neither are hissable offences, in my mind). anyway - the thing about cats is that they don't have to get up for work in the morning or worry about the kids, so they don't *Care* about hangovers. they can have as much nip as they want.

i'm going to come back as a cat, eat catnip to my hearts flipping content and hiss at people who sit on their grandparent's knee and house sit. sounds like a good life.

oh AND i was there to feed that principal's cat. show some respect, kitty, or there will be kicking.

okay, there won't.

mielikki said...

bw- He's pretty over it, today. Though I might try that other kind of cat nip on them.

holly- sometimes, a good kick is needed, lol. And that cat had no respect for the hand that feeds it. It should be taught a lesson....

n said...

Hasn't anyone ever told you the story of the time Uncle DK spiked Dopey's milk (Aunt S's cat) with vodka? Poor baby, he climbed up on our roof during the night. My Dad came inside and said,"Looks like Dopey died up on our roof, I guess I go get him down." (He was not pleased.) When he went back out side, Dopey was gone and all was well, I guess he had been sunning himself, hoping he could remember how he got up there to begin with. It took poor old Dopey several days to look straight at anything.

mielikki said...

NK- thats funny. I had not heard that one. Poor Dopey. I guess your Dad was pleased he didn't have to climb up to the roof chasing a dead cat, though.

Daryl E said...

Nip has interesting effects on some cats - our Gus LOVES his nip .. but Rosie is not interested in it at all she joneses over pipe cleaners ..

If you come across an old newspaper or comic book that looks moldy offer it to Angus . its works like nip .. as does some body odor .. I know gross but once a friend of Husband's was hanging out and Gus practically slobbered all over him and I couldnt figure out why .. turns out he doesnt use deodorant and it was a warm day..