Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my trio

Ever transported three cats, loose, in a car, just a few miles away to a house where they don't recognize anything but you?

neither had I........

until yesterday, that is.......

When I went to my apartment yesterday, they all three let me know, in various ways, that they had had enough of my "visits". Even my chairs at the table were knocked over. (I am sure the downstairs LOUDS loved that one). Thinking about it, I put in a quick call to MM, who was very nice enough to open his doors to the three furries. So after a quick trip to the store, away we went, Chez MM was about to get furry.

On the way there, we were listening to Cherish the Ladies, and the three decided to "sing" along. It was a lovely spring day, and I had a window partially down, and any car near me could hear the meow mix trio echoing through my car. Jack, in particular, has a gift for sounding like someone stabbed him.

Mustang Girl had no clue what was headed her way. When I got here, I opened the door, and tossed Jack in. I believe all she really saw was a pair of big, bewildered eyes, and a black streak before he was off to the races. Angus, then Audrey followed.

Audrey took to the place immediately, walking around like the Queen she is, claiming this house as her own. Angus spent the first 15 minutes singing in the kitchen, (good acoustics) and prying open the same cabinet over and over again to get in it. Not discouraged at all by me pulling him out every time. But by last night, he was walking around more comfortably, as well.

And Jack?
spent hours figuring the best way to get INSIDE the couch of MM. He has been pulled out a few times. He, too, by last night, was cautiously exploring the place, wide eyed, low to the ground. Like a sniper, getting ready to attack.

This morning, Audrey is here, laying on my foot, purring, as I type this. Angus decided Mustang Girl needed a good scare during the night, and delivered it, by jumping up on her bed. I have not seen him, or Jack, yet this morning. I am sure they will be out soon to greet me.


Mimi said...

The last time we moved (twice in a month, our house sold and the new house wasn't finished) our cat slept under the covers for about three months.

Such cuties!

holly said...

i have no experience of cats other than their biting me. or hissing at me. otherwise, i'm sure they're lovely.

that is really cute, though with the - is that a puppet?

mielikki said...

mimi- they are picky about their usual routine, aren't they? Mine are doing fine now, with the exception that they think they have to say in ONE ROOM and ONE ROOM ONLY at the point of death. Unless I happen to move out of the room. Then, it is okay for them to follow.

Holly- cats and birds were all we were allowed. My mom is not a dog person. Though I happen to love dogs, and would not be adverse to having my own, one day. But now, what I have are cats. These three. And that is Jack, with a long tailed cat toy.

Daryl said...

I love the new look you've given your blog .. and I applaud how well your 3 handled this change. Our two have never known another home but this.. well that's not 100% true. Gus was adopted from a shelter and when I brought him home he leapt out of the cardboard carrier they gave us and hid under the sofa for several days coming out only at night to explore.

Rose was adopted from our vet's wife's rescue group and she fell in love with Gus - who wanted nothing to do with her then or now - and made herself right at home.

Your 3 are just beautiful..

mielikki said...

Daryl- Thanks my blog needed a spring update, I thought.
The cats are doing great. Today they are chasing each other around and playing with each other. Audrey is up in the big picture window dreaming of the out of doors I don't let her into, and Jack found a pink plastic egg last night that instantly became his toy. I had a cat once, that when I moved, would not get out of my bed. Not even to eat. So seeing how quickly they adjusted made me very happy.

Bubblewench said...

Did I ever tell you that we moved Scott's cats into my apartment before him? We figured if his cats didn't like the place, then our relationship was over..

Is this a step to 'other' moves? hmmmm... curiouser and curiouser....

And moving the cats loose is always a ton of fun. Especially when one tries to get under the brake pedal.