Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

Some have their Random Thought Tuesday, (which is very cool), I now have my Monday Morning Mush. Since my brain is usually mush most Monday's, anyhow. 

This weekend was fun. My parents came to visit on Saturday, and my Dad had volunteered to make dessert. Usually, I make dessert for him. He brought us lemon cake, that he'd made. It was pretty tasty.
NOTHING is funnier than watching the two of them play Wii, though, ESPECIALLY boxing. My Mom was throwing punches like a little girl in a school yard fight, eyes closed and everything. She kept moving closer and closer to the TV (yes we made her wear the wrist strap). The bowling got pretty competitive, and I just sat back and laughed. They will be getting one of their own, soon.
In the meantime, MM was making his extra powerful, very very good Margarita's for my Mom and I. She had ONE, then followed me around, giggling that she was "buzzed". Lightweight.
We had a nice dinner, then they wandered off to their hotel, happy. They were home before noon the next day.
Sunday, we went to run a few errands, and decided to go look at fish tanks. Well, we now are the proud owners of a 29 gallon "bio tank". We are picking that up, today, it will be set up, with fish in it, by Friday.
I also learned we have a plethora of lizards here, and that when one gets in the house, Jack turns into a master lizard hunter. Don't worry, we saved the wee thing. Minus a bit of its tail....


Bubblewench said...

hey, sounds like a decent weekend. Can't wait to see how the kitties like the fish.

CDB said...

Nice! When you catch one of the lizards and put it in teh new tank, we MUST see a picture of that.

And I love the stories with your parents.. makes me miss mine (again.) (:

Daryl said...

Well done Jack!

sybil law said...

So far this week, we've gotten a baby rabbit, a bird (that flew off - obviously not dead, yet) and something's guts. We usually get some lizards, too - but I guess it's not warm enough, yet!
Good weekend for you - yay!!!

Mary said...

My Tuesday brain is plenty mushy.

Poor little tail-less lizard!