Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday rolling back around

and once again, my brain is kind of mush.

We spent yesterday with the Kilt and Clancy family, visiting a smallish Renaissance Faire about 20 minutes away from here. One of the Kilt boys, (we will call him Skull) was fencing there, and most of us had garb to wear, so we all dressed up and went. It was a fun little faire. A good start to the faire season. And I still say the best breath in the world is the one after the release of the bodyce. Mustang Girl learned that as well yesterday, as she was also dressed for the faire.
Friday evening we went and ate good Sushi, then went to see the Wolverine movie. It was entertaining. MM and MG seemed to think so, as well. I will admit I am looking forward to seeing the Star Trek movie, soon.
you know, Monday's really aren't good for my brain.... 


sybil law said...

Mondays can suck a dick!