Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Now what?


Rock garden? Check
Hardwood floors? Check.
are we happy? Check and double check.
But, as home owners, we are always looking at things we want for our home, and property. You'd think we'd be content, and reluctant to do even MORE after the last few weeks of flooring hell, but, hey. Its all about the fun of making things beautiful, right? Of course right.
We've got two projects on our mind, at the moment. One inside, one outside.
Inside, it's all about the kitchen cabinets. They are fine. They are great. They are plentiful. BUT, an upgrade would be nice.
Our idea? Remove the doors, and have the middle of them jig-sawed out. Then, we will have glass put in. Not just any glass. But a design in our glass. A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design. We kick this idea around on a regular basis.
On to the outside, we are discussing what to do with the little side yard we have next to the house. 
It is a mud pit at the moment. 
Not as much of a mud pit as the front yard was, but a mud pit none the less. And I am hoping a mud pit that will be taken care of by the time fall hits.
Our idea? Rototill the ground, remove all the vegetation (and there is BARELY any vegetation) except the tree's that live there, and do a brick herringbone-ish patio there.
Now we just have to advance from the idea stage to reality.....


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your future projects.

I'm content to do nothing for awhile.

sybil law said...

You know me - I LOVE projects - I say go for it!
I like the kitchen idea and seriously - an old, old boyfriend and still - friend owns and designs stained glass (his family does a business - I can send links).
The brick idea is cool, but if it's shady, it'll be moss covered which can be pretty but slippery and unsafe as heck!

Daryl said...

I am exhausted after the flooring so take your time ... but you have made me think, a scary thing for sure, but I am thinking maybe remove the doors from my kitchen cupboards and just leave them open ... its not as if the doors keep the dust out ... ummmmm

Dianne said...

I love the idea of the glass in the doors!

Bubblewench said...

the coming up with the projects is always fun, it's the execution that takes forever!