Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainy Tuesday and a birthday wish

still rainy here, should be until Thursday or so. Which kind of sucks because I have some painting to finish in our bathrooms, and it will take forever to dry in this weather.
I had a good direction to go here, but MM is IM'ing me with these various You-Tube things, including, "Gangsta Folk", and some Undignified Way's to die. This includes teasing a Scot wearing a kilt, slapping the head of a bald sailor, approaching a helicopter on stilts, renting a basement apartment in Venice. Among other, silly things. 
So this blogpost just kind of went sideways, didn't it.
Mooning some cannibals who haven't been fed. Nice. 
So, rain.
I don't mind it. Love the sound of it, whether it is gently falling, or if its a "gullywasher", which we've had plenty of in the last few days. I like it even better when we don't have to go out in it. 
Oh, look, its Cinco de Mayo. The 5th of May. SOMEONE I know is having a birthday. He doesn't read my blog, but certain relatives of his do, including, at times, MM. So happy birthday to MM's big brother. Last year we went to Arrid Zone-Ah! for the big event, and had a blast, looking at the ass floating in the pool, drinking tequila shots, and giving the birthday boy a big can of Nacho cheese from Costco wrapped in a Baja Fresh bag. Good times...... despite the heat. 
It seems I am easily distracted today, doesn't it? Hmmm, have to go try and get my focus back. Maybe.
Happy Tuesday all!


Daryl said...

I cant believe that was a year ago ... seriously .. happy birthday to MM's big bro!

Mooning a starving cannibal?

Anonymous said...

Cinco de mayo is a great birthday - definitely a party every year.

It's raining here too - not loving it.

CDB said...

Oh no, no.. don't get your focus back! Randomness is so much more fun. Happy bday to your bro-in-law!

And I'm sick of the rain too.. we're going on about 10 days now!!!

sybil law said...

That's funny... I never lose my concentrati...
Look! Kitty!

Bubblewench said...

Uh, happy 7th of May??