Monday, May 4, 2009

The story of Willow

We have some friends, who have four children. 3 boys, with the age range of 17-12, and then, surprise! They had a girl. She is now 5. We'll call her Willow.

Willow and I first met on Halloween a few years ago. I met her first, though I didn't know it. MM was at my apartment for Halloween, and his friends and their children were due to be trick or treating at my domicile. So, I opened the door, and was not surprised to see Mrs. Clancy, and their kids. And they needed to use the restroom. So I let them in, and as they passed through, I counted one extra child. A little black cat. Hmm. I thought. She must know Mrs. Clancy...
I go back to the kitchen to say a few things to MM, when there is a loud knock on the door. Must be a hungry teenager I think as I go back to the door, candy in hand. Instead of the hungry teenager, I looking at a man with a kind of wild look in his eye.
Do you have my daughter? He demands to know. My mind immediately bounces to the little black cat that ambled in with Mrs. Clancy, and I am horrified. Did a complete stranger, a little girl, just follow them in, to go with the flow? Did I accidentally kidnap a child here?
Just then, MM says from the kitchen 
"She's in the bathroom with Mrs. Clancy, Kilt" (yes I changed his name to kilt. sue me.). Visible relaxation occured when he heard MM's voice. As their youngest child, and only daughter, Willow is the apple of Kilt's eye. As Mrs. Kilt likes to say "I have three boys, and he has a daughter."
As the years have gone by, Willow has gotten older. She dances now, and we got to attend one of her dance recitals this weekend "Broadway in the Foothills". The kids did a pretty respectable version of "Annie Get Your Gun" (with the exception, that, at one point, the kids were dancing to the hip hop sampled version of "Rhinestone Cowboy". My brain seized during that, I think). Willow looked adorable in her cowgirl outfit, and danced so well that she got TWO My Pretty Ponies when the recital was over.
The second half of the recital was "The Wizard of Oz". Now, one would think that it is a reasonably safe bet. But I am still confused by this version, which was attempting to be a combination of The Wiz, The Wizard of Oz, and Wicked. Confused? Me too. Add to it, because whomever wrote the script also decided to toss in Global Warming, just to make it fun. Thats right, they were asking the wizard to fix Global Warming.
My brain seized again. And so did MM's, I am pretty sure.
He did remain astute enough to appreciate the "Solid Emerald Dancers", though....


Anonymous said...

Global warming? That must have been quite the show.

Daryl said...

Solid Emerald Dancers .. I am so LOL .. how old are these babes?

sybil law said...

Ha! i think you've told me the black cat story before!!! Funny stuff!
I have had my share of nonsensical plays/ dances/ kid crap. Only 5 more weeks of school! Woohoo!

CDB said...

Hm... you lost me with the Wizard of Id/Oz/Earth Day.. but Willow sounds like a pretty spoiled little daddy's girl, huh? I'm still hoping for a girl this next time around.. (:

Bubblewench said...

That's pretty cute..