Tuesday, April 14, 2009

work work work

There are a lot of jobs that I would not want. I am watching a documentary right now about one that is VERY high on my list of one that I wouldn't want, regardless of the pay. (Which probably is not enough).

Female correction officer. This particular one works in a male prison. With open doors through out most of the day. They throw things, can grab you, and do other things that would make me very nervous.  This woman they are following around seems to like her job, I suppose she would have to. Totally not a job I would want, though.
Prison Nurse is also the job I would not want. For many of the same reasons listed above, plus, in the infirmary you are in even CLOSER contact with the inmates. Now I am sure not every inmate is a horrid outcast of society, but, they are in prison for a reason. I don't think I'd ever be able to relax.
Aside from jobs like that, involving prisons (or, excuse me, the "corrections environment"), another job that would probably drive me batty is anything that's got me cooped up, sitting in the same, closed space every day. It would be the death of me. I suppose, though, if your mind is occupied with what your doing, and liking it enough though that the time would go by fast. 
What are some jobs that you could not imagine trying?


Daryl said...

First I am so excited the floors will be done next week .. woot woot ... and that you had a nice Easter even with guns ... for me that would be less than fun but hey ..

Jobs ... I dont think I would like to be a teacher, I would probably say or do something to get fired the first day ...

Anonymous said...

I actually couldn't be in the medical field. I can't handle blood.

And I totally agree with you on the whole prison thing. No thanks.

I'll pass on garbage man and long distance truck driver.

sybil law said...

I couldn't do ANy repetitive desk job - I would go insane in 1 day! Actually, any repetitive job, desk or not would make me nuts.

Bubblewench said...

Try my job.... i would never have imagined myself doing it. But I do!

And did I mention it sucks ass?

CDB said...

I'm totally with you. And they probably dig that they make the lady correction officers nervous, which would just make me MORE uncomfortable.

Yep, I'll avoid it with you.