Tuesday, April 7, 2009

not a morning person

Its 0540.

In the morning.
It's still dark outside,
and I didn't work last night.
Why am I up?
Because my brain hasn't gotten the memo, obviously, that I am NOT a morning person. 
I love sleep. I think most of us do. But I am a champion sleeper. Or at least I used to be. Especially as a kid. I could nap, upside down, sideways, standing up. And I could sleep through anything. Someone once threw a set of keys at me when I was asleep on a couch and I didn't even flinch.
The Navy ruined a lot of that for me. Boot camp was a serious trial, and not because of all the sweating (it was Florida) yelling and other general BS.
It was because every morning, and sometimes in the middle of the night, the bright, fluorescent lights would turn on, and someone would begin yelling "on the line!" at us, and we would have one minute to be standing on a line, in front of our bunks, at attention, with our heads turned to the left. To make matters worse, we then had to count off, turning our head when it was our turn to scream our number. This required thought, and my sleep deprived brain and body HATED that. I don't want to think for at least an hour after I have gotten out of bed.
Things progressed rapidly after that. I managed to survive boot camp, and go out into the fleet. Those early mornings don't go away, either on Tugboat shore duty, or on a miserable ship. On the ship, for a long stretch of time, we were standing watch every four hours. Which meant no one got more than 4 hours of sleep a night. Because you couldn't make up for that during the day. I got so sleep deprived I got sick, and nearly fell down a flight of stairs. 
Getting out of the Navy didn't fix me. For better or worse, my sleep pattern was ruined. I could, and cannot any longer sleep that deep, good sleep where someone can bounce keys off my head. I am grown now, with an adult job, and adult responsibilities, and, like it or not, if I am awake, too long, my brain starts to work, despite my body's protest of it being too freaking early!
Today is one of those days. So. 0540. I've been awake since MM left for work.
Working nights adds fuel to the flame, but, I've always been a night owl. I am usually cranky, or quiet, or both when forced out of bed in the mornings, and forced into the company of people I didn't choose to be around. My mom knows very well how bitchy I can be in the mornings. She dealt with it for years. 
Whats the point of this rambling blogpost?
I don't know. Probably that I am awake at this time of morning, and I don't really want to be.
Anyone else out there awake?


sybil law said...

Mornings suck, but they'er a lot more tolerable when it's a cute kid waking you up.
Well, sometimes.

Daryl said...

Mornings suck BIG time. I am not a morning person. Never was. Never will be. My late mother knew this and she never spoke to me til I spoke to her which was NEVER in the morning. She even warned the other people she was friendly with who rode the same bus to work as we did .. dont talk to Daryl, dont even say good morning.

THIS morning, after a late nite, I was less than social and we have this new cleaning service at the office and they wanted to tell me all about what they're going to do or not do. I was barely civil.

I dont bother you, dont bother me

Mary said...

0540 is not morning, it is most definitely middle of the night.

Bubblewench said...

I hate the AM period. You know I'm up can always IM me.. I'm here. :)

CDB said...

Ugh, I'm so not a morning person, either. I could never survive in the military.. they'd kick me out for sleeping through breakfast, if I made it out of bed for that.

Anonymous said...

I used to not be a morning person, but somewhere along the line I became one.

Now I'm useless after 9:30 pm, but up bright and early. I'm so lame.