Monday, April 27, 2009

fresh new start?

Its Monday.

The start of a new week.
The week my floors will finally be finished (please?)
we spent the weekend outside of the house as much as possible. Since it's empty, and all. Saturday was no problem, our local downtown held it's annual vintage car show. We love cars. Especially Mustangs, old trucks, and T-birds. So spending an afternoon wandering amongst the old, beautiful vintage cars was very nice. The weather was beautiful. We all three got sunburned.
Sunday was different. Sunday is usually our lazy day. Our house cleaning day, too. There is no cleaning this house right now. Those of you who follow me on Facebook, go take a look at the pictures. Those of you that WANT to follow me, let me know, I will tell you where to find me.  So, we kind of hung out, talked about some plans for outside the house. Went to a late breakfast. Then we came back and did a few hours of outside work. The pile of rock that had been slowly dwindling down to nothing is now, finally gone. In it's place is a sweet looking rock garden, complete with bigger rocks, and gnomes. Yes, pictures will come. Today I am planting the shrubbery (shrubbery!), including a gorgeous azealea bush we found, for an equally gorgeous price. It was the very last one left, too. People know a good thing when they see it! I will take more pictures after the planting.
Oh, and I hope you like some of the vintage car pictures


camikaos said...


mielikki said...

thank God someone got that. We spent all weekend doing that :)

Anonymous said...

Shrubbery - too funny.

I love yard gnomes - I think I need to invest in some.

Bubblewench said...


Do I follow you on facebook? hope so, cause I'll check out pics when I get home today!

Yeah for Gnomes!

Daryl said...

I am not sure I am ever going to catch up with everyone .. but I had to make sure I stopped here ... gawd arent you glad you only do your floors once in a lifetime? xo