Saturday, April 18, 2009

Short Story Saturday

Carmen sighed as she frothed the milk for what was probably at least her hundredth grande latte that day. The weather was overcast, with occasional bursts of rain, in other words, perfect coffee weather. It was days like this that had her questioning her own sanity for taking a job as a Barista, (in Seattle, no less).

     Scanning the line, she played her favorite game, forecasting what kinds of beverages the people would order. The tall skinny blonde with the pursed lips, Gucci purse, and Ugg boots tapping impatiently against the floor was easy. Non fat, extra shot vanilla latte, tall. Behind her was a man, black trench coat, grey turtleneck. He'd have an expresso. Beyond him was a woman wearing every color under the sun. She'd have a Chai. 
"I've been doing this far too long" Carmen muttered when the skinny blonde stepped forward and ordered her non fat, extra shot vanilla latte. Carmen already had it half done.
Looking at the clock was a huge mistake. Less than half of her shift was over, and it was still an hour until her lunch time. IF she got one, that is.  Hearing the door bells tinkle, she looked up to see some teenagers from the nearby school amble in. "Fantastic" she thought. "Thank goodness I am not their teacher." The teens were usually the worst, ordering Mocha's by the dozen. The fact that they had rotating lunch periods meant there was usually always a gaggle of them in the store. Carmen wished the school would hurry up and institute the closed campus they kept promising, but, yet, those teenagers, and the skinny blondes, they were her job security, so she knew she had to be careful what she wished for.
      The sky darkened ominously with yet another downpour of rain coming from the heavy dark clouds, and everyone whom had been outside scurried towards the door like cockroaches when the lights were turned on. Carmen got busier, and busier. Suddenly, a voice behind her caused her hand to still over the house coffee she was pouring for the poor homeless soul who could not afford any of the other drinks on the menu. 
It was Sam.
her ex.
The one she'd left behind, in Olympia, she'd thought.
"What the hell is he doing here?" she thought frantically, looking for a way to escape his notice. That would be tricky, being as she'd be making his Caramel Macchiato in a few minutes.
"You gonna hold that joe until its cold, or can I have it, missy?" grumbled the cold person waiting for what was in her hand.
Knowing she had no choice, Carmen capped the coffee spun around, and placed it on the counter as quickly as she could. But not quick enough.
"Carmen? Is that really you?" said Sam, in an amused tone of voice. Turning slowly, she took him in. Still as tall, dark and handsome as he ever was. And sporting, of all things, a wedding ring. 
"I don't suppose I could lie to you" she finally answered, meeting his amused, brown eyed gaze.
"Never stopped you before" he quipped. 
At her look of shock, Sam felt bad for what he'd just said. The truth was, he'd lied to her as many times as she'd lied to him.
"I am sorry" he said, quietly.
"Too late" she said, and spun back around, making drink after drink, trying not to notice the tears that fell from her eyes, and dissolved the top layers of foam.


sybil law said...

Oh, those damn exes!!!

Bubblewench said...

hate the exs! EVIL EVIL EVIL!

Daryl said...

Another winner and I want MORE