Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday brain.

Well, it's Monday. F Day. Floor day.

Why am I sitting here, you ask?
Because F day got pushed onto tomorrow.

I am hoping that while the whole house is getting torn apart, hither and yon that we will have our internet still connected. However, I cannot guarantee that. Things may not be Comcastic. I can pre post a few things, like Wed. and Thurs (if I can think of a good topic for thurs. any suggestions?) and I can even do my mieography a whole week early. We shall see.
I will tell you that we three are spending the weekend in a motel over by my hospital. For the floors to "set" in their goo of wonder that will prevent damage and stuff. (I am sure the term is much more technical than that, but I have monday brain, give me a break)
If you don't see me for a week, it means my internet got interrupted, and the lure of the beautiful weather we have right now got to me, and I headed outside instead of sitting at my computer. (It could well happen)


Anonymous said...

I'll have to buy me some goo of wonder. Maybe it will help with all the toddler tracks.

Good luck with the floor.

Bubblewench said...

good luck! Hope it goes quickly.

Daryl said...

Good luck, I hope it dries FAST

sybil law said...

Oh nice! Nothing better than beautiful weather - AND staying at a motel!!! Fun! (I am serious - I love staying at hotels!)
Thursday 13.. hmm... How about 13 ways you do NOT want to die, since you probably know some of the worst ways. (And I guess I am having a morbid Monday!)