Tuesday, April 28, 2009

gnome sweet gnome

So, its Tuesday when you are reading this. 

And I am not going to talk about my floors.
Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I am going to talk about my floors.
They are not done yet, and I am slowly going crazy. Monday came around, and I guess we took another day to acclimate the wood to the sub floor. They should be close friends by now.
alright. Enough floors. Lets talk about my rock garden.
We have gnomes. Two of them. One laying on a rock, one pushing a wheelbarrow. Cute little guys. But what I am most excited about is this. Go on, look at it. You know you want to. 
Great, isn't it?
Gnome be gone. 
And there are others. Go. Look. Enjoy.
I will wait to post pictures until our own Gnome be gone comes home.
The other two gnomes are shaking in fear....


Anonymous said...

Poor gnome - I love it.

sybil law said...

Since I am SO not a fan of garden gnomes, I LOVE the gnome be gones!!!
(I did get my package! Just haven't had time, yet, to post! Thank you! Hopefully tomorrow I can get some stuff done...)

Dianne said...

poor gnomes! they just want to live in peace ;)

Daryl said...

Gnome gnome on the range .. where the dogs and catties all play ... gnome gnome on the range ...

Back from holiday, trying to catch up ...

Bubblewench said...

that is freakin hysterical!! Love Gnomes, but I still want one!