Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday torture

I don't know if I am here today or not. It's technically Monday night, and I am anticipating getting up early, taking my shower, and doing last minute things before the big pile of wood sitting behind me right now becomes permanently affixed to my house. The thought is daunting, and stressful.

I spent most of the day Monday in the hammock, I could not resist it's siren's call. As I was laying there, writing a few things, facebook surveying (I am NOT a hippy, despite what they claim.) I saw, out of my periphery, a tiny movement... up near the...
bat box?
YES the bat box. The bat box that hangs in the tree that the foot of my hammock is connected to. THAT bat box. The bat box that I was kind of unsure if it was, indeed, housing bats, or not.
So I look up, and this big gigantic bat is looking down at me. Celtic Rose argues to me that she doesn't think the bat could see me, but I say other wise. My winter white pasty legs that were in shorts could probably have been seen from Saturn. And this bat was LOOKING at me. He even blinked a time or two.
I had my camera with me, and just at the inopportune moment, the battery died. But I had my cellphone with me. It would not zoom in tight enough. I had my trusty Mac, and I was desperate. This bat was HUGE people, about squirrel sized. Big nosed bat. So I am pressing buttons madly, getting the Mac ready when zip!
Back into the bat box.
I guess he decided I was a boring, inept human who could not get her stuff together fast enough to immortalize him on my blog forever.
Stupid bat.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome.

Congrats on filling your bag box.

Anonymous said...

meant bat box there - sorry

sybil law said...

That would make me bat shit crazy!

Daryl said...

Oh I would have gone batty not being able to snap him or was it a her? We will never know.

Travis Erwin said...

A day in a hammock sounds awesome to me.

Bubblewench said...

bats are cool.