Monday, April 13, 2009

busy busy

The man whom we went with to install our floors finally got off the stick, and Friday morning a big pile of wood was delivered, and is now acclimating to our house. The wood is very pretty, there is even some Peruvian Walnut here, that he is going to be using for the detail work we asked for. AND, we decided to go ahead and have the top of our island covered, as well. Thereby, giving me a good workspace for all I do in the kitchen. Yay!

MG came back from her Mom's on Saturday afternoon, and we spent Saturday evening celebrating Easter with friends. Sunday, we got up and headed to my middle sister's house, out in the middle of nowhere, to celebrate Easter with my family.
I'm thinking that our idea of 'celebrating' is probably a little different, though. I did bring the Pulla, and it was eaten. I ended up making lemon chess pie, and also brought a macaroni and cheese. My brother in law took MM and MG on a quad tour of his property, then, all the rifles were brought out, and we "plinked". Yes, we sat around, shooting rifles. MG has a .22 of her own, with a scope, and I have to tell you, the girl can kill a piece of quartz very effectively. (She doesn't seem to be wanting to use it to kill an animal...). She has a very good eye. And we all got to shoot a rifle that was in use during the civil war. Black powder and all!
As much as bil can be, uhm, not exactly the safest when it comes to many things, I have to tell you that when it comes to gun safety, he doesn't play games. His kids know that when shooting is going on, where they are supposed to be, and not one of them handled a gun while we were there. 
So, it was an interesting Easter, and this next week will be spent working, and then putting everything in the living room away so that when the floor guy comes, he can move the big stuff, and get right to it! My blogging will probably be sporadic next week, as he starts on Monday, and there are going to be at least 2 days when we can't even be inside the house.....
Pictures will, of course, be coming...


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and good luck with the flooring.

sybil law said...

Can't wait for pictures!
Where are you guys going to stay when you can't be in the house?

Bubblewench said...

yeah floors!!! Glad you all had a nice easter.