Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now if I could just pull that magic wand out of my ass

the world would be a better place.

Usually I talk about my work crap over on First Do No Harm, but I am too tired to go over there at the moment, so you all are going to have to bear with me.

This is the first full week I am doing three nights in a row. Last night was not picnic-y.
We started off busy and just proceeded to get even busier. In the midst of the busy beginning of the shift, attempting to get report from the tired day shifters wanting to go home, and deal with the supposedly not breathing patients (if you can holler NURSE! then you are breathing, trust me), the old ladies who either want a bed pan or MISSED the bedpan, and the confused little old men who sit up in the bed, and scream they are falling out of it... well, you get the picture
In the center of this storm, the phone rings. Family, for one of our sicker denizens of the ICU. Lady has multiple problems, diabetes, a stroke, and chronic pain issues being the ones we are dealing with. Said genius family member proceeds to ask me 100000000000000000 questions regarding her condition. I always ask them when they had their last update. She says "this afternoon from T".
Okay. So, she expected, in a matter of ONE AFTERNOON, that somehow, the staff at my little ICU all got together and collectively healed the Diabetes, the Stroke, and the od on pain meds? WTF? If we could do that, we would all be millionaires!
The phone conversation just got even more ridiculous from there, and covered everything from death, to when they could call tomorrow. I told them anytime before 7 pm, of course.
Okay, going to bed now Maybe, if I wish real hard, that magic wand will fall out, and tonight the ICU will be much more happy.


Daryl said...

You have my completely empathy AND I am going to direct a friend here to read this .. her dad was moved recently from his rehab room to the dementia ward and she is beside herself .. I think she needs a little perspective .. the sort provided here .. (((Mielikki))).. sleep well

MM said...

Sending happy thoughts of a quiet shift tonight your way. Just think, the weekend will be here shortly. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my mom retired from being a nurse. The families were really stressing her out more than the smoking 500 pound diabetic old people who couldn't understand how they got in the hospital with a hear problem in the first place. Now we just gripe about insurance.


julie said...

That sounds like quite a day. Hope your magic wand magically appears soon. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

"the staff at my little ICU all got together and collectively healed the Diabetes, the Stroke, and the od on pain meds? WTF? If we could do that, we would all be millionaires!"


People are CRAZY!

I feel your pain

Bubblewench said...

omg.. going back sucks.

Sorry you've been on the receiving end of nuttiness lately.

Celtic Rose said...

Sigh . . . I had to work the Friday noc shift after yours, oh joy! But at least it was only one night . . .
The good news is I survived . . . barely.

I will see you @ Podunk, Monday night, unless the On Call Fairy has pity on you.

Misery loves company you know . . .

Lori said...

you are a saint!