Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yesterday, I went out for lunch with a friend from work, and since I was in the "quaint" downtown area of Podunk I decided to go into a few stores I like and see what they had. One store has these great little candles that burn forever, and I needed more (because forever expired on a few of mine). So I get a few, and make my way to the counter to be waited on by this pleasant young lady, early twenties, I'd say.
Pleasant until she raised her arms to reach for something.
She had, down her arm, long enough for me to see past her short capped sleeved t shirt
hair. Armpit hair. And it was combed to lay perfectly down her arm! I could see the comb marks in it!
I immediately cast my gaze away from her, trying to look at anything but her arm pits, but it's like a train accident. And every time I looked at her, she was raising her arm to do something and I'd get another glimps of her coiffed pit hair. I almost left the candles. But I survived, came home, then on the IM I disturbed Cami and Sybil with this horrific tale.
If we could squeal and puke over the IM, we would have. We spent a generous amount of minutes discussing armpit hair, and what people do to it. CamiKaos offers that she's even seen it braided and beaded. (I would vomit for sure.) I opined that if I could find a 'pit toupee" I'd wear it to my Mom's for Christmas, braided and beaded. (In Christmas colors, of course, perhaps with an ornament).
But seriously.
What is the novelty in growing arm pit hair? It stinks. I bet within a year this young, otherwise pretty girl will be wearing patchouli (which makes me gag every time I smell it) and dread locks.
The hippie movement lives, I guess...


CamiKaos said...

I wish we had saved to conversation...

though that being said I could barely read this post because I knew what it would be about and ohhhhhh i think I had nightmares.

Celtic Rose said...

EWWWWW !!!!!!!

sybil law said...

But what sort of true hippie actually COMBS it?! It is still one of the funniest IM conversations ever. We really should have saved it.
She needs to dread her pithair.
My friend Sally had armpit hair and we literally had to hold her down and force her to shave it before we would let her wear a strapless dress! She was goign to go with her hairy armpits.
Fucking hippies!

bellevelma said...

LOL! I wrote about arm pit hair today and Cami came by and said you had written about arm pit hair too. Now I'm more than a little frightened. And although I have enough disposable Daisy's I am going out to by more just in case there is a sudden run on them now that everyone is thinking and writing about arm pit hair for some reason. Yuck. I am happy I only thought about it. You had to actually witness it. Double yuck.

DaddyKaos said...

Braided and beaded.....I have a question, who did this for her? Can it be done with one hand or is there a salon that does this sort of thing?

mielikki said...

No salon I know of would do it. Perhaps her grody hippie friends?

Bubblewench said...

That is just plain nasty.. and why is armpit hair always associated with hippies? C'mon! There are 'regular' people out there that don't shave too!

Damn, I always miss all the fum IM's...

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

Wow! That's gross. We had a foreign exchange student on our swim team that didn't shave. It was gross, but more like guy pit hair, not too long. I can't imagine it being long and combed. EWWWW!

mielikki said...

bw- you are right, "regular" people do it too, but where I live, in the shadow's of the Sierra Nevada's, we have a HUGE aging hippie population, and they, they are spreading the word to the young. It's fine, it's their choice. But the arm pit hair is disturbing.
Lori- the foreign exchange students we had, with one exception, had the same issue. We taught them all the use of the razor. (Curse us Americans!)

David in DC said...

Kinda yucky, but I'll take it six ways to Sunday over a pierced tounge.

Do folks with this particular piece of jewelry understand just how many germs there are in their mouth?

You wanna talk stinky, imagine a gangrenous tounge.

On second thought, don't.