Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This post brought to you by the suggestion of MM

Why, exactly, do we put Christmas Tree's in our house? Anyone?

Ironically, Christmas Tree's have evolved from Pagan traditions.
The Norse, and the Celtic Druid's revered Evergreens, because they were the manifestations of a deity, and they never died from year to year, but instead stayed green and "alive" while the other tree's appeared barren and dead. The tree's represented hope for the return of spring.

The druids used to decorate the trees with symbols of prosperity, a fruitful harvest, ect. ect. They would hang coins for wealth, and different charms, like for love, and fertility.
Scandinavians are the first thought to actually bring the tree indoors, because this provided warmth for the native fairy folk and tree elementals could join in on the celebration. The Saxons, a Germanic tribe, were the first to place lights on their trees (in the form of candles. I wonder how many houses THEY burnt down?).

The first Christian use of the Christmas tree came about ion the the 16th century.
In England, in 1841 Queen Victoria's German husband, Prince Albert, brought a tree into Windsor Castle.
America's first Christmas tree sighting was in the 1830's, in Pennsylvania. A church put it up in an effort to raise funds. (See, even then churches were looking for ways to raise money). By the 1890's, we were in full Christmas Tree swing, importing decorations from Germany for our trees.
Then electricity came along, and Christmas tree's started being placed in town squares, everywhere, and the "lighting of the tree" became the tradition that proclaimed the beginning of the holiday season.
Sadly, I think now, seeing the first Christmas commercial on TV (sometime after Halloween) indicated the beginning of the holiday season. . .

So there. That's why we have Christmas Tree's. Don't you all feel better for knowing? Except maybe DiDC, but maybe he can explain the beautiful Menorah to all of us!

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Bubblewench said...

Charlie Brown Christmas is on TONIGHT. How's that for a tree!

CamiKaos said...

A great many Christian traditions are firmly rooted in paganism.

sybil law said...

What Cami said.
So true.
Every time I hear about the druids I think of Spinal Tap. Hahahahaha

David in DC said...

I'll definitely do a menorah post during Chanukah.