Thursday, November 29, 2007

indulge me for a moment

I am just tired, tired tired
of people telling me that I am so lucky to have this hand injury, and all this GREAT time off! Oh the things they could do if they were LUCKY like me to have this time off.

my right hand is numb!
I am dropping half the things I pick up!
And now, I get to wear this lovely, ugly ass brace until I don't know when! And the brace? It won't solve the problem, but it will keep my hand still.
and ps?
I have this wierd, constant burning pain going up the palm of my hand. . .

Oh, and LUCKY that I have been to 2 different doctors this week, and one of them stuck needles all down my right arm, into my hand,and INTO MY NECK, just to tell me when he was done that I was beyond his help, and needed surgery.
And the doc who will do the surgery? He can't see me until Dec. 10th, and then, he will tell me when I can have my ligament cut open so it will stop pressing the nerve in my hand causing said, burning pain. Then, MAYBE, the nerve will not be as damaged as it is (but it will not be the same, he says) and I can start rebuilding the muscle that is wasting in my hand right now.
so yeah, thats lucky.
rather be working.

okay, rant over.

(you all can thank older sister for that one, she just stepped on my LAST WORKING NERVE)


CamiKaos said...

I've had that needle test.

I'd rather work

Jamie said...

Having had carpal tunnell release surgery, I'd rather work. The one thing that you are lucky about is how quickly the process is going for you. It took me close to 6 months to get through the process so that my surgery could be scheduled. Be glad that your doctors are quicker than mine.

CamiKaos said...


I've NOT had that needle test.

I'd rather work.

mielikki said...

I am grateful at how fast this has all moved for me. I am just tired of getting these few people who tell me how "convinient" it is that this happened at holiday time, and I get all this time off ect. ect.
I didn't pick this.
Cami, be glad you have not had that needle test. The one he stuck in my hand almost had me slapping him so hard his first born would have felt it

sybil law said...

You are so lucky! Maybe you should play the lottery! Maybe some scratch offs - oh, whoops - can't scratch them off, huh? Well maybe you can work on some knitting... oh, damn.
Haha - I am teasing, of course.
I am not sure I could handle the needle in the hand. That is gross.
Well, at least you have some pain meds?!

Jamie said...

If that's good luck then I hate the thought of what bad luck is.

Lori said...

Yikes! I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this. I hope they get you fixed up soon!

CamiKaos said...

I had the shock one instead. Where they send "tiny" currents of electricity down your arm to see if they are properly received in your hand or something.


mielikki said...

yeah, he gave me both of those. And I had the shock one, twice. They are evil.

Bubblewench said...

I'd rather be working too. Don't blame you.