Monday, November 19, 2007

Catalogue immersion

I am getting innundated with catalogues. This happens every holiday season. My mailbox was so full of catalogues that the mail man had to find new, and inventive ways to get them all in there. ( I have one of those "stand up" ones common to apartment living.

I will admit, I peruse the catalogues. I find some interesting idea's, and even a few things to order. ( I got a great educational toy catalogue).
I was looking through the "sharper image" one, and something caught my eye.
A breathalyzer.

Now, lets think about this. We all know when we've had too much to drink, and can't drive, right? It takes very little alcohol to get there. Spending loads of cash on a breathalyzer is foolish.
And can you see explaining to a cop that on "your" breathalyzer you were legal, but on his, your not? I am sure those things need calibration of some sort.
And the truly drunk? Will blow on the thing, laugh at it, throw it, and drive, anyhow.

Where this might come in handy, is at bars. I am sure they make disposable straws to blow into, so that no one is putting their mouth on it after someone else. The bartender, when concerned that he/she needs to cut someone off, can administer the breathalyzer, and act accordingly. That makes sense to me. But not your own personal use breathalyzer. It would be funny as hell to give to certain people for Christmas though, just to see the look of shock and confusion on their faces. . .


David in DC said...

Does anybody else remember the episode of "WKRP in Cininnati" where Dr. Johnny Fever got drunker and drunker on the air, as certified by a State Trooper with a breathalyzer, while his reaction time, as measured by the same trooper, kept getting better.

Howard Hesseman rocks.

n said...

Loved the Johnny episode. I've met people like that. Do you remember the flying turkey episode. Oh My God! Never laughed so hard.
Most drunks don't think they are drunk, some we have known swore they never had a hangover. No wonder they drink so much, no punishment. NK

mielikki said...

I remember that as well, I loved that show! And the flying turkey was great as well.
My male friend before MM was like that, drunk all the time, no hangover. It's one of the main reasons I dumped him. (he was an ass)

Jamie said...

Okay, a personal use brethalyzer is not going to do any good. However, a few years ago I saw a thing online that hooks up to your car that won't let you start the car unless you can blow a clean brethalyzer test. I know that you could get somebody to blow into it for you, but I'd hope that the sober people are smart enough not to do this. I just loved the idea.

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahahaha, I'm sorry, that's not only all kinds of wrong,but funny too.

I can just see giving them out as gifts - "here, I thought of you when I saw this"

sybil law said...

We SO get the same catalogs! I saw that, too. Joked we should get one for my friend who just got TASED Friday night.
Drunks are funny.
Oh and WKRP rocked.