Thursday, November 29, 2007

be very careful

and whatever you do, don't name a Teddy Bear Muhammed!

There is a teacher, in Sudan. She's really from England, and she had her classroom of 7 year olds adopt this Teddy Bear. They got to vote on the name. Abdullah was one of the choices, as was Muhammed.
The kids chose Muhammed.
Then, they each got to take the bear home for a week, and write in a diary about the adventures of Muhammed.
Well, someone finally complained about her naming a bear after the prophet.
Now, said teacher is in prison, and is going to be tried, and sentenced. She will either be given more time, fined money, or 40 lashes.
And, she won't be teaching in the Sudan again.
I don't know about you, but. She was working in this country, and aware of their religion and customs. I am not saying she deserves punishment, over a teddy bear. But still, she should have known better than to name ANYTHING after the prophet. Abdullah is a fine name for a teddy bear! If I were her, I'd high tail it back to England as soon as possible, and probably take poor Muhammed with me. I wonder what they will do with the innocent teddy. . .


Bubblewench said...

I heard that on the news this morning and thought how insane that whole situation must be. Sad too.

sybil law said...

See, to me, it's the KIDS who named the damn bear. They had several choices, and they voted, and all but 3 picked that name. Those kids certainly should know better.They deserve some lashes. Little a-holes. (Haha)
Either way, it's fucking ridiculous.
One more reason to love our country.

mielikki said...

yeah, Syb, but she is the teacher, who is supposed to know better. That name should never have been in the list of possibles. Kids will lead you down that road every time. Yes, I am glad we live where we live!

Troy said...

Ooh...I'm making my serious angry face now. That sort of stuff really bothers me. Sure, the teacher might have known better, but I think there's a much bigger issue to be made of the nature of the society she was teaching in.

Biting. My. Tongue.

mielikki said...

yes, Troy, there is that elephant in the room that is the nature of that society. But, it's their society. And I have to remind myself to bite my tongue as well.