Thursday, November 15, 2007

sweet tooth

My Dad, 'Uncle Heinz' (married to Aunt Tuna)has a huuuuuge sweet tooth.
Even chemo and radiation did not inhibit his sweet tooth.
His stomach is tiny now, and he eats the tiniest servings of any main meal put before him. I once saw him eat 2 pieces of lettuce, and a sliver of tomato, and call that 'salad'.
But bring out dessert, and he's your man. Anything sweet. He especially loves Apple Pie.
I do the majority of the family baking at holiday time. Usually, peach pie, (from the summer peaches I freeze), sometimes Pecan pie, and, I do try various Apple Pie recipes. I am still looking for the perfect one, though, so if any of you know of one, send it my way, please~
And cookies. I make countless cookies. I really don't know if I am going to be able to this year, but I am going to give it the old college try.
Anyhow. I love to bake. I get in this almost zen like frenzy, if there is such a thing. Especially with the cookies. I can whip out cookies faster than anything, now, and plenty of them.
Each person I know, who knows my cookies, has a favorite.
Nancy loves the "Russian Teacakes". These are pecan cookies with caramel in the center.
My Mom goes for the Drommar. Those are pecan butter cookies dipped in powdered sugar. (Drommar is the swedish name- "snowballs" they are called here, sometimes.)
Dad likes a plain sugar cookie. Nothing fancy. But he'll eat any cookie I put in front of him.
My personal favorite is the gingerbread. I recently got my Great-Grandmother's recipe for gingerbread cookies. It even involves coffee. It's awesome. Even if it kills me this year, I am making gingerbread. And I have to make the drommar. And. .. and. . . and. . .
anyone want to come to the republic of California and bake cookies? I may need a hand, literally! ;)


NanaKaos said...

SadiMac bakes a mean pie. Ask her. You must have gotten Grandma Anna and Grandma Mary genes. Nanakaos

mielikki said...

I've heard tell of Sadimac's pies. . . thats a good idea. thanks NK!

sybil law said...

I always knew, but now it is confirmed: You sooo craaaaaaaaazy!
No, my mom always baked a ton of different types of cookies and put them in tins for people for the holidays. I used to help, but I feel no burning need myself to run out and do it myself.
I would be glad to be a taste tester, though!
Oh! And I got the postcard! I will post it as soon as I have more than 10 minutes to catch up on blogs! xo

Jamie said...

I love to bake! Let me know when and I'll be there. :) Although, I'm kinda burnt out on cookies. My grandma has a year round thing going where she bakes a couple batches of cookies almost every day. Once she has all the various flavors done, some poor, unsuspecting service person overseas will get inundated with cookies. (Grandma believes in giving enough to share.) But anything else that you want to bake just let me know!

mielikki said...

Syb- glad you got the postcard. I wish that you'd have gotten the drunken Portland one as well. But K is the only one beside you who has a post card from my home town.

Jamie- I can see that you'd be burnt out on cookies. We'd be a fine team. One recovering carpal tunnel, the other pre carpal tunnel. I wonder if what we baked would come out lopsided ? ;)

CamiKaos said...

mmmm sadimac pie. I'm going to see if I can get her to make one for Christmas. nana and I are JUST making cookies for desert. Lots of rumballs too.

Lori said...

Me, me! I love baking around the holidays. I usually make 100 dozen cookies (20 different types). I just love it. We also make bread to give away.

mielikki said...

Lori you are my kind of girl! Ticket's in the mail, LOL.