Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend wrap up

This weekend was amazing..

MM and I left MG with the Kilt family Friday night, and went to spend the weekend at a town on the California Coast, Monterey. We stayed in a very nice hotel, and explored Cannery Row, went down to the beach, and looked through the large aquarium that is home to Monterey.
Let me give you a little background.
I love fish. And not just to eat.
When I was little we would go to places like Marine World, and I would love every part of it. Except one.
I hated seeing the big Orca's in the tank. (No, I am not veering off into another story). I don't think those whales, no matter how "stimulated" the parks keep them, belong in a tank smaller than the ocean. Its my opinion.
The aquarium this weekend was having a Seahorse show. Where I discovered something else about myself.
Though they were beautiful and amazing to look at, I don't think Seahorses belong in small tanks. (says the lady who keeps fish tanks at home.)
Before the word hypocrite skitters through your mind, my fish are not fish from the wild. They have been bred, for years and years, in tanks, some of them probably just like mine. Those Seahorses?
I am fairly certain they are wild caught. And that living in a tank with hundreds of thousands of people streaming past, pointing at, and, at times, tapping on, is, I am sure, their idea of hell.
Regardless? It was a great weekend, relaxing and nice...
( I was very sad to hear of the earthquake in Chile, however, and very glad that no large tsunami waves hit anyone else...)


sybil law said...

Most of the whales have been raised in captivity, though- and probably a lot of the seahorses, too. The Free Willy whale died a year after being set free.
It's always kinda sad, to see animals being held captive, but honestly, many times they have it better, too.
Anyway- sounds like a great weekend!!

Daryl said...

I had a snowy weekend .. I agree with you about whales and seahorses .. and although you didnt mention them, I feel that way about elephants and zoos/circuses .. its just wrong ...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend to me.

I always feel bad for the animals at the zoo, but I haven't really considered the fish for thought.