Tuesday, July 7, 2009

too freaky

The Sci Fi channel decided to delight me with a Twilight Zone marathon over this last weekend, and my DVR was set accordingly. Of course, they had to scare me at first, by playing the new-ish ones. The ones in color. Tisn't right.

They finally got to the good ones. The black and white ones. The eeeeeeeeerrrrieeeeee ones.
And we watched one last night that TOTALLY creeped me out.
It was about beauty. They were taking young men and women, fresh, about 18, and having them choose the "number" model of the appearance they wanted to keep for the rest of their lives. There were few models to choose from, so to identify one from another, their body suits had their names embossed upon them. Oh, and this modification also enabled you to live twice, sometimes three times as long as you would have originally lived.
The one young woman, of course, was being difficult, not wanting to be modified. They even gave her a glass of 'instant smile' and she STILL didn't want to change. (Oh the horrors!)
Of course, she was made beautiful in the end, turned into a vapid blonde with helmet hair (hey, it was the 60's).
And the 'year' of the future that this particular episode sighted?
the year 2000.
still creeped me out though.


Daryl said...

OOOOOOH .. did they do the one where the pretty girl was shunned because everyone else was horribly ugly? THAT and the one where the person (seemingly had a stroke and couldnt speak)suddenly wasnt understood by anyone? I hate scary stuff...

Anonymous said...

I love the whole twilight zones. They definitely freak me out.

Mimi said...

We (read: the oldest) watched several episodes too.

sybil law said...

Ha! I love those old Twilight Zones!!!

Bubblewench said...

I love that episode. And I hate the new ScyFy BS...