Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

The weekend, it was full of fun and adventure....

Friday night was 'date night'. We like to have those, occasionally. It was a strange date night, because, sadly, we started it at a Rosary for the Dad of one of MM's co workers. From there, sushi at our favorite sushi place, and ended up at K Mart for a few essentials. (K Mart is the only place in this town to go for 'things' when you discover you need them). We never do date night halfway, do we!
Saturday found us picking up Mustang Girl from her six week visit with her Mom. Of course we were both MORE than happy to have her back in our fold. From there, we went to a local lake with our friends, BBQ'd, swam, and hung out. Pretty nice day.
Now, one of the 'essentials' we got at Kame Apart was a pair of clippers. I finally decided that I was going to try and get Angus free of some of his long locks. Enough is enough, its getting hotter, and he needs some relief.
He handles the clippers pretty well. He has SO much hair, that I think its going to take me a week to get to the bottom of it, though. More hair than I even thought he had. Consequently, he also has some mats that were hidden. So, we take off a little more each day, in hopes that I will finally get down to the bottom of his never ending fur. I swear for each swathe I clipper, ten more yards grow back.
Jack, on the other hand, LOVES the clippers. I had not intended on clipping him, but he came over to them, curious, and, the next thing I know he is all sprawled out in front of me, purring, and rolling around while I am clipping him. He was really easy to clip, and is now running around with a very short, uneven hair cut. Yes, I will eventually take pictures.


sybil law said...

What?! No pictures, yet? FAIL.
(But the day at the lake sounds fantastic!)

The Superfluous Blogger said...

yes. fail.

i wish i needed 'stuff' from kame apart. i don't do 'stuff' with grumpy people. it's principle #5 on my list.