Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

Another fun weekend for us, and we had many things to do.

Our fish tank has been giving us quite a bit of trouble, lately. Turns out we have an 'algae bloom'. Fantastic. The fish don't really care, they will swim in anything....
The best way, apparently to get rid of the algae bloom is to starve the tank of any light. Including sunlight. For 48 hours. So Saturday found us encasing our fish tank in black garbage bags, to deprive it of light. My local fish guru, by the name of Mike, assured me that the fish STILL won't care. They'll think that they are in a storm or some such thing. We get to uncover the tank today, later, and exchange more of the water. I was told that I will have to probably deprive the tank of light a few times, because we have a very strong algae bloom. Good times.
Sunday we went and hung out with some friends at a nearby-ish lake. This time, for the first time, we took the dogs with us, to see what they would do. They did pretty well, for their first outing into a big lake. They swim well, somewhat willingly, but prefer to sit on my lap. In the water. Both of them. Yeah it was interesting.

Just uncovered the fish tank, and the water is surprisingly clear. I still see a tinge of green to it, so, I will probably cycle the water once more, and deprive the light for another day or two, to kill off the evil algae once and for all. To combat it in the future, we are to put live plants in the tank, which will take the nutrients that the algae was using...
After the lake, we had some friends over to the house for carnitas... and some good wine. Fun had by all..


Daryl said...

Both of them.. on your lap .. in the water? I am so LOL... and happy we have cats

sybil law said...

And that is one reason I hate fish tanks - the damned upkeep! Our fish always ate the plants. Assholes.
The lake sounds awesome. Even with the wet dogs. :)

Bubblewench said...

Lake sounds fun! I miss being anywhere near water.. the dirty Delaware doesn't count.

Yeah for clean fish tank!