Thursday, July 23, 2009

anti Thursday?

I've noticed lately, I've been skipping Thursday. Been doing this for a few reasons. I am usually working, or have worked Wednesday night, and I am tired! And I don't want to think of Thursday 13 something or another.

I do it when something comes to me, but that has been dwindling. And, I know, this is my blog, and I don't HAFTA do anything if I don't want to. And no, I don't feel guilt over it.
Its just interesting, that Thursday seems to be the consistent day that I tend to just pass over. Especially because it is one of my favorite week days, as I previously mentioned....
Might as well make Thursday my vacation day, unless, of course, somebody creates another thing I think is fun to play with. The the Queen's Tuesday. Those questions are a riot, so far. I am wondering what on earth she is going to come up with next week. Thinking if I get cheeky enough with her I can go into the dungeon and see what it's all about! :)
See you tomorrow for the Mieography


The Superfluous Blogger said...

no no. you agreed when you signed the blog certificate that you would do it consistently. rain or shine. it's just not good enough. you must do it every week, or really, you've let us all down. and it's all about us.

isn't it?