Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 13

Attention, class! :)
This week, I found 13 vocabulary words that I thought would test our brains. Learn a word a day, and all that rot...
So, how many of these do you know?
Check in later, and I will post the definitions...
For more participants, as usual, click here

1. Cadge to beg, to get by begging
2 truculence aggressiveness, ferocity

3. garrulity talkativeness

4. arrant in every way, being completely such

5.anachronism something out of place for its time

6 .sycophant flatterer, parasite, a suck up

7 nascent coming into existance, emerging

8.sedulous diligent, assiduous, devoted to a task

9.piquant agreeably pungent, stimulating

10.insouciant unconcerned, carefree

11 .mellifluous sweetly flowing

12. torpor lethargy

13. misanthrope one who hates mankind

My fonts are doing very strange, unasked for things today, so I have no clue how this post is now going to look. I hope it's not wonky, or blinding...


Bubblewench said...

Um, the color you chose, can barely read the words against your black background... huh.

mielikki said...

yeah. I didn't choose that color. I wonder if it will let me fix it?

i beati said...

yipes only knew 10 yipes sandy

Daryl said...

arrant and garrulity stumped me ...

Mimi said...

I definitely know: truculence, garrulity, anachronism, sycophant, nascent, mellifluous, torpor and misantrhope.

I think I know pquant.

I don't know cade, arrant, sedulous, and insouciant

sybil law said...

I've heard them all, but not even gonna guess how many whose definitions I knew.. (I am so tired!)