Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

The hub for Thursday Thirteen is gone, sadly, those ladies had a lot going on in their lives. But I am going to continue on with it, because, frankly, I like trying to think of 13 things every week.
I was going to do something else this week, but I am at work, and ran out of time to take all my pictures. So it will wait for next week. Here is a hint, though. It has something to do with a picture Daryl had on her blog earlier this week.

For today, I am going to list 13 things you shouldn't ask/tell a nurse on her day off. There are more than 13 of these things, actually, but this is what I thought of, in my tired state.

1. "Want to work?" (Unless the nurse actually DOES want to pull an extra shift)
2. "Can you look at this?"
3. "Let me ask you a work related question"...
4. "Do you have access to narcotics? Wanna share?" (you should never ask this on ANY day)
5. "Do you get to see your patients naked?" (dumb question. I know, there are no *dumb* questions, but COME ON...)
6. "I've been coughing up this green stuff for a week now...."
7. "I have this sore on my______"
8. "Can you feel this lump I've got?"
9. "My doctor prescribed me these 8 medications, can you explain them to me?"
10. "My father/mother/brother/sister has ____ disease. What is it? Are they contageous?"
11. "What DO you do all night?"
12. "Can I borrow your stethoscope?"
13. "Do you get to wear the sexy white hat?"

See I am tired.....
Happy Thursday all


Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

There must days/nights where you would like to strangle your patients, not make them better.

I didn't manage to do a TT this week.
Who knows about next week, not sure if next week is too far away or too close...sad that TT is officially finished, but maybe it will live on regardless! :)

Anonymous said...

My dad was ER doc. He used to get asked work stuff all the time.

I imagine it gets pretty annoying.

I vote that you keep TT going if you like it.

Mary said...

I know exactly what you mean. All my neighbors call me whenever there kids are sick or hurt.

I'm keeping the TT alive as well!

colleen said...

Funny to think of these as pick-ups lines!

13 Thursday's are a good language for me as well.

Here's a link to a list of others doing TT's still.

Daryl said...

Oh I love these .. my friend Jenny is an ER nurse and she loves to tell tales ..but she hates being used as Google

Cant wait to see what I inspired

Mimi said...


So this isn't where I ask you about the lump on my...

Unknown said...

And I thought it was only doctors who got this cr*p.

I did a TT too. Come by!

It's at

Bubblewench said...

I am curiuos why you told Syb to stay away from Mucinex...

holly said...

how ironic. the one day i had a question for you. i'll hold back until a work day. i'm sure i'll still be living. . .


do continue with these. i really like them.