Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday 13

We had an influx of pediatric patents in the hospital this week, and all three of my nights have been spent with tiny babies that have RSV. (tis the season). One very sweet mother had one month old twin daughters. She is one hard working Mama. So, for her, here are thirteen things I learned in the last three nights about having twins

1. Were I to get pregnant, I would not want twins.
2. They wake up within seconds of each other, hungry, and their Mom is breastfeeding, which made it even more interesting
3. No matter how innocent they look, odds are they are going to grow up and play tricks on lots of people
4. People ask stupid questions upon seeing TWO of them. Like "oh, twins?" Hello. They are identical babies...
5. No matter how much a super woman she is, the tired Mom of twins will always accept help from her kind hearted nurse.
6. Having multiple extra shirts for them is only a good thing
7. The loads of laundry are astronomical
8. said loads of laundry include cloth diapers while they are at home
9. Pacifiers disappear at an alarming rate
10. Daddy looked very well rested
11. No matter what you are doing, the odds are high that you will have a baby in your lap
12. You feel twice as helpless when both of them are sick, irritable and crying miserably
13. Though you didn't necessarily wish for twins, you would not trade them for anything.

Alright, its raining here, the weather is lovely to me, and my bed awaits me.
Happy Thursday


Mary said...

I've been collecting a lot of baby snot myself, and RSV season is just beginning. We have months of this ahead of us!

I wouldn't want twins either. My children were plenty hard to handle one at a time.

I bet mom was grateful to you, but I'm a bit perturbed for her sake that dad looked well rested.

Happy TT! Get some rest!

Daryl said...

There is something in the air or water .. not sure which ... but I just heard of the THIRD set of male twins ... a friend had twin boys (Logan and Lucas) the day before Thanksgiving (I begged them to be born sooner, but they were not listening).. then my cousin's daughter said she was pregnant (they have an almost 4 yr old daughter) and we were SO happy.. happiness doubled when she learned a few weeks later she was having twin .. and diminished just a bit when she learned they were BOYS (she was hoping for one of each) ..then over at Nourish the Soul, Deb announced that her daughter was having twin boys!

And now this ...

BE so very careful what you breathe, drink and where you sit .. its contagious!

CamiKaos said...

I hope all those little ones feel much better soon... Your heart is so huge cousin.

Anonymous said...

Twin run in my family. I used to think it would be great to have twins. Then I had one baby and realized that one at a time is plently.

Hope all the little guys get better soon. I didn't realize you work in an ER. That is one tough gig.

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Utter relief, no more kids for me, thus no possibility of having twins...Phew and double Phew!!!
And how come that dad didn't have circles under his eyes to match his wife's? Something fishy there! Happy TT! :)

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Mie, thank you for that lovely comment on my TT. I got those cool thoughts, much needed as there are a lot of nasty bush fires happening around the state.
I found my way to your blog
from My expressions LIVE!, and lurked for ages and I mean ages. Glad
I delurked. :)

Mimi said...

Oh totally, I am so glad I dodged the twin bullet - they aren't bad, there's just two of them! I used to babysit a set of identical twins.

Poor babies, I hope they are all feeling better soon. I also dodged the RSV bullet.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, man, I always thought twins would be so...I don't know - cute. After having my first baby, though, I got a taste of just how tricky two little ones would be.

(Not that they're not cute, you understand, but, wow, I have tons of respect for those parents and the double-ness of it all...)

:^) Anna