Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday "mie"-ography

Here you go Miss Cami, Good suggestion

Whos buried in Grants tomb?
Any Guesses? Bueller, Bueller?

Grant, of course.
But I'd bet this lady is, too

Julia Boggs Dent Grant. She was born and raised at the White Haven slave plantation near St. Louis, Missouri. She attened the Misses Mauros' boarding school in St. Louis for seven years, along with the other affluent daughters of her region. She was a social favorite, and met her future husband, "Ulys" at her home, he was a West Point classmate of her brother, Frederick. They became engaged in 1844, but the Mexican-American War put a four year hold on the wedding. After they were married, she accompanied her husband to his military posts, only to pass many days without him. When he was ordered West, she moved back to his parents home. At the end of that separation, he resigned his commission, and tried his hand at farming in Missouri. They had four children during this time. Eventually, they moved to Illinois. He was working in his fathers leather goods store when the Civil War broke out. He went back to his soldiering, and she joined him whenever she could at his encampments. We all know he was a very victorious soldier during this era, and he eventually became a General, and then, in 1869, the President. In the White House, Julia was known for extensive parties, and her appearance, with her silks and laces especially. She described their time in the White House as "the happiest period" of her life. Someone once suggested to her, while she was first lady, that she have an operation to correct her crossed eyes. Her husband would not hear of it, though, saying he liked her that way.
When they left the White House, Julia and Ulys took a trip around the world, meeting Queen Victoria, and the Emperor of Japan in their travels. When they got back, Grant tried to enter the business world, but failed. Diagnosed with cancer, and worried about providing for his wife, he wrote his memoirs, then died. Julia lived comfortably until 1920 when she died at age 76. She is buried in Grants tomb, beside her husband.


CamiKaos said...

for some reason I've always loved her.

Daryl said...

I must walk up there and take a photo of the tomb for you .. its only 20+ blocks away from where I live .. Daryl

holly said...

cami has always loved some chick i never even thought about? okay. i respect that. i'd love to know how she came around to loving this chick though.