Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And the winner is...

The lovely and talented Jo. Jo, I need your "real" address for your "real" prize.

I mean, how could I resist the Scarlet Harlot?
It is just too good.
We did actually draw names out of a paper bag, so that the Jeep would have a "first" name.
Roxanne came out of the bag, drawn by Mustang Girl. (actually submitted by MM. Luck of the draw for him, and he *got* his prize. (wink wink)
Roxie for short.

Roxie, The Scarlet Harlot.
I have already ordered the license plate holder, (did it 10 minutes ago, actually).
She has not gone topless yet, because the weather is still iffy, and on Monday the Scarlet Harlot is getting her upholstery serviced, and her paint job, too. Lucky girl.

Come back tomorrow, because I am having a special edition of Mie-ography Friday. In this one I will finally hand out, and display the bloggy goodness that Daryl e gave me.

And on Friday?
Bubble wench and I are going to tag team you with my Mie-ography, and her artwork Friday. It's going to be legend (wait for it, wait for it)

I tell you. Legendary.
Not to be missed....


sybil law said...

Tag teamin' sluts! Sweet!
Don't forget the undercoat! Vital.
Jo's name really was the best.
Me likey.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ho yes. I'm sooo excited now. :D

And I haven't even sent your prize out yet, bad Jo.

I'll email you my addy. And I want to see pics of the Harlot with her top up. ;D

Mimi said...

Jo, that was so the winner immediately! Good job!

holly said...

i'm LOVIN roxie the scalet harlot. ROXIE ROX! the SCARLET HARLOT ROX! JO ROX!

and i'm not going to sleep until i see the tag-teaming.

no, you can't make me.

okay, maybe i will sleep a *little*. but i won't enjoy it.

Bubblewench said...

that name is the best! Love it!

Daryl said...

Cool name .. drive her proudly