Monday, April 21, 2008

To Spring or Not to Spring

It looks like Spring.
It smells like Spring.
Officially, it is spring.

But is the weather going to co operate? That is the question.
See, it is taunting me right now. Because it knows that I have some earth around me that I am considering cultivating. But I can't do that if the weather is too cold. Celtic Rose and her husband have already lost a few plants, and my poor neglected trees have not even sprouted yet. If I plant something here, I want it to live. Not freeze.
When I got up to take MG to school today, the thermometer read 36 degrees. Brrrrr! And rumor has it is going to rain today. I don't have a problem with that, I love the rain. And it would probably be good for anything I planted.
But those are my thoughts today.
What should I plant, and when?


CamiKaos said...

it snowed and hailed in the portland metro over the weekend.

Daryl E said...

I usually wait to plant the morning glory seeds in our window box til the end of April because this city is famous for a week of heat mid-April and then temps dropping way low again til May.

This year I am planting begonia plants in the window box and a friend arranged w/a nursey to send them to me 'at the proper time' to plant them.

I am hoping the begonias do better than the morning glories have the last few summers ..

So my looooooooong winded answer is WAIT

DaddyKaos said...

We have been bouncing back and forth here between mid/high 70's to high 40's with strong north winds on the colder days. The experts here advise us to wait until after Mothers Day to do any planting.

mielikki said...

oh! Begonia's are wonderful, Daryl. I put them on my balcony every year and they love it. Sometimes too much!
Yeah, I guess I have to wait...

Daryl E said...

My friend who is sending them said they thrive in low light .. goddess knows thats about all we get .. when they arrive and are planted I'll share a photo

holly said...

yeah, you're not askin' me. i am the anti-plant. i loves 'em, i can't keeps 'em. sigh.

good luck with that.

sybil law said...

My mom always tells me to wait until Mother's Day. Cause one year I planted waaay too early and lost stuff, too.