Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OUCH! Damn it!

So lately amongst my friends and loved ones, (Celtic Rose and Mustang Man) there has been an outbreak of pain and discomfort, requiring the care of a chiropractor (or, chirocracker, as MM likes to call them.).
There is one in Podunk that has done wonders for both of them, and seems to be a caring, gentle soul for someone in his profession.
So I decided to give him a whirl. I mean, my neck and shoulders are still achy and painful after a hard nights work. My hand though? Better.
So, yesterday I go to the gentle chirocracker. Nice guy. Smart, answers questions well.
My neck is so tightly wound and out of whack that he won't adjust me until he see's the x rays that have been taken. He did poke and prod me enough to cause me to be in more pain than usual tonight though. And boy, do I have a headache.
I am going back. Because I seem to always have low grade headaches.
And, it seems to be related to my tight neck.
And, he thinks that he can help me.
As long as he doesn't break my neck, its all good.

Oh, and I learned something else new about me. When I close my eyes and march in place? I wander to the left. Strange....


Jo Beaufoix said...

Ouch. Hope you get it sorted Mie. I tried to arch in place and I stayed in kind of the same place. How sad am I?

DaddyKaos said...

They always say they can help you, for them repeat business is everything. I have a friend that swore by his bonecracker until one day he realized that all he was doing was lining the guys pockets with gold, he never got better, just treated.

CamiKaos said...


Anonymous said...

I close my eyes and march in place and end up in Canada.


Daryl said...

You ache more after an adjustment because they put all the out of whack things right .. or so one of my chiros said .. and I like that he didnt adjust you w/o an x-ray .. I hope you dont have arthur-itis in your neck .. I do and its not fun........ I recommend getting one of those neck pillows .. they really help.

Glad the hand continues to improve and I hope the headaches go away .. do you think it might be from that clenching of the teeth thing .. TJM or is it TMJ .. that'll give you a headache fer sure!

MM said...

This one helped me go from severe pain down my back and down the back of my leg, to being able to walk without looking like Cro-Magnon man in less than 3 days.

sybil law said...

Well we always knew you were slightly off base!
You are brave. They freak me out!
Hope it helps, though.

KiKi said...

Ow!!!!!!! Hope it's nothing serious and you get some relief soon.

holly said...

you have wanderstotheleftitis. you poor girl. no wonder you have headaches. you must sort out the wandering, and the pain will go away.

or is it the other way around. . .