Thursday, January 17, 2008

Twilight Zoned

When I watch TV, I want it to be something good.
With the writers strike going on, this is a difficult thing. Being home during the day doesn't help.
(Anyone who doesn't know, I had carpal tunnel surgery a month ago, and will be off work until Mid February trying to get my hand strength back. It's coming, slowly, but surely, I think).
Reality TV and Gameshows seem to be taking over the world. They are Racing, Dancing, Singing,Cooking, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Surviving, Bret Michaels is cruising chicks, looking for "love" AGAIN, and Scott Baio is pregnant. You can be asked very difficult, painful questions, and win money if you tell the truth, you can play trivia games, hell, you can even go on the Price is Right, or pick a magic suitcase. Whatever.
I don't want to see this. Any of it.
So my TiVo has been my friend. I go through cycles of what I want to see. For awhile, I had it taping every Northern Exposure in sight. But I've seen them all, now. Then, for a bit, I was watching Law and Order, SVU. But that show is depressing. Too many things happen to kids on that show. So then I moved onto all the old X Files. That kept me entertained, too. But, once again. I've hit the bottom of the well.
Now, I have been in a perpetual Twilight Zone. The old, good ones. I've seen the evil kid who sends most of the townspeople to the cornfield unless they agree with everything he says, I've seen William Shatner on an airplane, I've seen mannequins come to life, people being stuck into a model of a town. Just naming a few. I still have multiple episodes to go through. And they are playing at least two more, every night!
I am sure, as with everything else. I'll catch up. They will start showing repeats, and I will be cruising the cable, trying to find something else to catch my attention.
All I can really say is thank God for books. Maybe some post I'll have to give a run down of what I've managed to read during this time off! It would be an epic post, to be sure.


CamiKaos said...

for heaven's sake. TiVo ALL the doctor who you can get your hands on.

holly said...

oh yeah. i'm with cami on that. but only if you can't find a good book. i wish my new job was book-reader. dang.

you know what i get hooked on is those house makeover shows. i am a total idiot and could watch those all blooooody day. until i had no brain left at all. oh great. missburrows is going to see that and walk right in that open door. :)

sybil law said...

My favorite old Twilight Zone is where some lady has surgery and they only show her bandaged face, then finally give her a mirror when they unbandage it, and she screams in horror because she's so ugly. Turns out all the other people (well, the doctors and nurses) all have pig noses, so even though she looks normal she is ugly. Hahaha
Saw that one as a kid and I have never forgotten it!
Tv does suck. I am with Holly. Find a good book!

mielikki said...

I am actually reading a series of good books (of the sci-fi'ish nature) that MM gave me for Christmas. I am always reading a book. If I'm not, you should be worried. . .