Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's bombtastic!

Here it is, in all it's glory.
The F*bomb award.
Isn't it pretty?

Without further ado, I hearby present this award to

MM of course. He wrote a wonderful post called residual blackness about our adventures at the Christmas fair in the streets of downtown Podunk, where we heard the F*bomb sprinkled liberally about like holiday tinsel, from the mouths of multiple adolescents. He also always makes me giggle when I am on the phone with someone (like my grandmother) by IM'ing the word F*bomb! over and over and over and over. . .

Sybil is a natural for this award. For those of you (foolish) people who have not gone over to read her blog, you won't understand. Go forth and read. Syb says what she wants to say, however she wants to say it, with no holding back. As the phrase goes, she has a mouth like a Sailor (that's a compliment coming from me, Syb). If I ever meet her I am going to insist we both go get anchor tattoo's immediately.

Daddy Kaos is another person who deserves to get an F*bomb award. He can use it liberally on Bush, or whichever politician he chooses to call out in the weeks ahead. No one can write a post like DK. Beside's, I've gotten the pleasure of SEEING him in action, as well, and he's even better *live*

And what's the father without the daughter? Step right up Cami and claim your F* bomb. Now, Cami doesn't sprinkle profanity lightly about her blog, this is true. But give her any drink made from Vodka, and a computer, and Biotch! will come out quite frequently. It's enjoyable. So, here's to you Cami (glass ckinking)

And, Bubblewench. I wouldn't leave you out of the F*bomb festivities. You've been sick, and offline of late, and maybe an F*bomb will be just the right medicine for you.

Holly? you still here? Use this lovely award as you see fit. I recommend you use it on that W/W know it all who had the nerve to open her mouth about your child and his passy.

And last, but not in the very least, Jef. Jef is a wonder. Go here to another blog Jef authors, and enjoy the story of how, in a way, the F*bomb was created. It's only fitting and right that Jef gets an F*bomb to call his very own.

So, there you go. I am F*bombed out. And as I sit at my window, watching the snow fall (yes it is snowing here, again) I wonder
who will all of you pass the F*bomb to?


holly said...

thank you!!! i do hereby happily accept this award on behalf of several institutions. namely the one i've most recently escaped from. how cool!! you rock.

but i knew that already. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! First a golden spork and now an F Bomb! I'll post it post haste!



CamiKaos said...

Am I the only one who will say it???

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!


Fbombs all around!!!!

(thank you)

DaddyKaos said...

Not the only one, just the fastest, I can't wait to start throwing the fucking thing around.

Thanks M and thank you Charlie Wilson.

MM said...

Schweeeeet.... :)

I gets another F-BOMB!ing mutha F-BOMB!er like no ones F-BOMB!ing business yo... Ooops, must be my East Side showing through.


sybil law said...

This is incerdibly fucking cool. You are one fucking cool girl. Fucking A! Nice fucking award. I happily fucking accept it and I will continue to throw around the F word like a fucking champ. Or sailor. Haha