Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We are living in a Material World

And the advertising companies would like to make us all believe that we are Material Girls.

Every time a commercial comes on these days, even if it's during football, it always seems to include one of a woman getting a gift from her man. And these gifts are ALWAYS either a car, or diamonds. If I hear 'Every Kiss begins with Kay" one more time I am going to lose it.
Of course, they got what they wanted, I have their ad stuck in my head, right?
But still, really. It annoys me, that in the advertising world, they are representing women as materialistic, I think. Most women I know are not going to be dissapointed if they don't get diamonds, or a car for Christmas.
I, personally, like the gifts that have some thought behind them. I also like anything hand-made. How hard is it to go plunk money down on a counter for a diamond that someone is telling you, commercial after commercial, that you should buy? (It's the same damn necklace every stinking time).
And as far as the car. Unless the man in her life is a millionaire, how are they paying for that car? Month by month. So, Merry Christmas, Honey, I just put us 50,000 into debt for the next 5 years! Yay!
Nope. Not for me, I say. And not for most of the women I know, and am friends with.
And I have yet to see a commercial telling us to buy our men things like ski boats, or fancy watches, or even diamonds.


NanaKaos said...

Your gift was not homemade but you will like it. Last year at this time I heardsome woman on TV say that noboddy over the age of 7 should be giving homemade gifts. You remember the gifts from DaddyK and I? Always homemade( except the 19 nightie) you loved(I think) the dolls and clothes etc. I give homemade gifts all the time, people seem to love them. I asked Sadimac's mom last Christmas if she had heard this. She said no but the woman had to be nuts, wrong, or both. Anyway people, Happy Homemade Christmas. Nanakaos

mielikki said...

I loved everything that ever came from you and DK, including the nightie! That was awesome. I just really adore when people put thought into things, not just go out and buy something that the advertisers are telling them too!

sybil law said...

We don't see those kinda of commercials for guys because all guys really want is a blow job.

CamiKaos said...

we have solved the problem in our house by not watching commercials.

I freaking hate them

But maybe that's because I don't care for diamonds and cars ;)

MM said...

Sybil~ Let's not kid ourselves, a BJ is an any time gift, not just Christmas gift. :)

sybil law said...

So true, MM. But that is still what guys really want. They'd rather have that than, say - socks. :)

mielikki said...

so now the comment section for this post can be the discussion on BJ's? I love it! It's what I was really hoping for! ;)

Lori said...

I think the same thing on the car commercials. Um, thanks for putting us in debt without my approval! I solve the problem by buying my own gifts and wrapping them. Usually things I need around the house. Nowdays I defintitely understand "it's about giving not receiving". And somehow my husband's list is always the same as Sybil's.

holly said...

i won't be upset about the diamonds or car, but he's sleeping on the couch if i don't get a wii. and sure, if it's homemade, that will be okay.