Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I do not make New Year Resolutions. I think that those things are cursed to fail. To be honest with you, as a whole, New Years never really did that much for me. When I was a kid, I got upset one New Year's Eve because I thought that all the music I had enjoyed during the year was now going to go away, because we were starting a New Year. (true story. The top 100 countdown thingy confused me).
As I got older, New Years became a way to make loads of money. I was a much sought after babysitter in our rural area, one of those rare kinds that actually liked playing with the kids. I used to get paid VERY WELL to babysit on New Year's Eve. Then, I became an adult. And I discovered all the idiots who use New Year's Eve as an excuse to get totally bombed, and drive, and shoot guns, and basically, act like the asshats they are. So, I became an anti-social adult on NYE. I stayed home. When I became a nurse, I even avoid scheduling myself to work, because I don't want to take care of the asshats that hurt themselves on NYE.
Now, I don't hate the day. I am coming off sounding like the grinch that stole NYE. I've had people over here for small gatherings, and I have gone to friends' places before and enjoyed the evening. It's just the other people in the world I object to.
Whatever. This post is quickly going downhill.
I will be venturing out tonight, with Mustang Man, and Mustang Girl, to ring in the New Year with assorted friends and their children. I hope, wherever all of you are tonight, in whichever time zones you live in, your New Year is happy, healthy, and safe. Stay away from the drunk asshats. And if you are planning to be a drunk asshat tonight, (which is fine) don't drive! And don't shoot a gun. . . (please?)


My Own Woman said...

My favorite New Year's Eve? Me in my jammies all curled up waiting for the ball to drop and then going to bed. I a real party animal or what?

sybil law said...

You sure know how to take all the fun out of being an asshat!
Happy New Year!
I'll be home, too. As I always am on this night.

DaddyKaos said...

Must be a family thing.

holly said...

no guns here! yet...

no. i don't do guns.

and our party was cancelled due to lack of well guests.

happy new years!

CamiKaos said...

happy new years.

we feasted on Crab.

As soon as her royal wakefullness goes to sleep I'll have some more champagne.

Mimi said...

Happy New Year! My oldest babysat last night.

Bubblewench said...

I never go out NYE, and specifcally because of the rest of the morons who do.

Had a nice night in the PJ's playing Wii.