Thursday, December 13, 2007

butterflies and chopsticks

So. Today is the day.
I'd be lying to you all if I said I wasn't nervous about it. The butterflies have been flying since yesterday, to some extent.
Its a very strange concept for me, to be on the other side of the coin, here. I woke up every few hours last night and looked at the clock, mainly thinking "I should get up and drink some water", then I fell asleep before I did that.
My procedure is at 12:45. I can have water until 0845 this morning. I can't really have anything else. So yes, I have a big glass of water sitting in front of me. But if I drink too much water, well. There could be trouble.
On the plus side, MM and I had a really good sushi dinner last night. My only complaint is that they make their rolls so big that I can't really fit a whole piece in my mouth! Especially the Rainbow Roll. If my mouth is too full of good things, how do I slow down and enjoy it? I had chipmunk cheeks every time I put a piece in my mouth. We had the afore-mentioned Rainbow, a California Roll, and a Philadelphia Roll. We also had a dinner, (because, frankly, that meal has to last me until somewhere close to 3 this afternoon). The miso was really good, and we had salad's that had this excellent, kind of tangy dressing on them. By the time the dinner came, (I had teryaki beef, he had teryaki chicken) my right hand had had it, though, and I could not really make the chopsticks go that well. Especially picking up the end pieces of meat. It was pretty frustrating. But I wasn't using the chopsticks properly anyhow. I can't, at the moment. We also learned last night that MM doesn't quite care for Green Tea ice cream.
One of the fun things about the place we ate at, is that they were playing a Godzilla movie on their television. There is something inherently right about sitting there, eating sushi, and watching Godzilla. Sadly, at the table next to us (and right in front of the television) was a gaggle of twenty something, chattering girls who had NO appreciation for my scaly friend. And I couldn't really see over most of their hair. And the one sitting with her back to us? Kept flinging her hair around, in a somewhat close proximity to our table. The sushi was on the other side of the table or she might have gotten a chopstick between the eyes. Even with my left hand I can be deadly!
I am really unsure of what condition I am going to be in tomorrow, and so there is a high probability that my usual Friday really isn't going to happen. I was planning on Susan B. Anthony, and she'd be a long one. Something tells me that my right hand is not going to tolerate that. We shall see. . .
Hopefully, though, the numb, the tingly, and the pain and stiffness are going to (eventually) be a thing of the past. . .
wish me luck! (It will be fine, really it will. . .)


CamiKaos said...

24 more minutes of water.

I know it will all go well.

xoxo I will be thinking of you

David in DC said...

I'm sure it will go well and will be thinking of you too.

Sushi and Godzilla, I'll be smiling bout that all day. Thanks.

holly said...

i'll send good thoughts!

Jamie said...

Good luck! I'm absolutely positive that by the end of all this you'll look back on today as a very good day. :) Sending you the best of wishes.

DaddyKaos said...

Hope all goes well.

Bubblewench said...

Wow, you're there as I type. I know it will be fine. Hugs and love your way.

"my mouth is too full of good things, how do I slow down and enjoy it" - damn I'm a perv...... you can get away with no hands for that!

NanaKaos said...

Relax, if your lucky your pain meds won't give you nightmares. It's hard to sleep when you get scared of dreaming.
I don't like green tea ice cream either, it tastes like soap.
Best thoughts. Nanakaos

sybil law said...

Oh my thoughts are with you, fo sho!
I got my package, but I haven't opened it yet! Should I wait?! I'll at least wait until you're coherent!
Oh and I hope if you so something funny after surgery, that MM will blog about it.
Good luck, sweets.